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First Step: US to end 'catch and release' at Mexican border

Great news on a good first step regarding the release of non-Mexican illegal immigrants. Reuters has the story on Homeland Security's aim to stop the practice known as "Catch-and-release" that has inspired thousands of Brazilians, among others, to enter the US illegally.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said last month his department's aim was to "return every single entrant -- no exceptions" but gave no deadline. Mexicans are usually returned immediately -- and most of them try again, some within hours.Along the border, agents say ending the practice will take time and depends on how quickly the government can build additional detention space told hold OTMs before they are sent to their home countries.This is a start. Most importantly, this will discourage would-be illegals from making the attempt in the first place. If our laws are weak, and our system is broken, it only encourages further illegal immigration from desperate people that know the…