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The Big One: Results & Analysis from Patrick Ruffini

The results are in:
Top Lines: As of 7 a.m. EDT on August 26, with a whopping 16,437 votes cast, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani wins the Big One with 30.0%. Virginia Senator George Allen places second with 20.1%, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a strong third at 14.3%, and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finishes fourth with 9.1%. On the fantasy ballot, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice laps the field with 37.7%, with Vice President Dick Cheney at 14.0%, Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 9.2%, and former Senator Fred Thompson at 8.1%. All four fantasy candidates finished above the main ballot candidates when voters were asked if they would switch their votes – among other things, a possible ballot design issue.
Very interesting analysis from Ruffini. Make sure to head over and read the whole thing. This will change the face of the 2008 elections!

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NSHMBA has launched the careers of thousands of young Hispanics

Found this article in Hispanic Business which is of particular interest to me because I am actually on the board of the Denver Chapter of NSHMBA. Also, this year I started working on my MBA at UCCS and through my participation with NSHMBA,I was awarded a substantial scholarship. I know first hand the impact that NSHMBA is having in the life of Latinos like myself, and the role they are playing in providing networking and real-life experience opportunities for me.

If you are a business owner interested in better connecting with the Hispanic market or finding out more about sponsorship opportunities, email me and let me know how you can get connected with NSHMBA. (Disclaimer: All the work I do for NSHMBA is pro-bono. I did receive a scholarship from NSHMBA, and as such, I am designated NSHMBA ambassador.)

We usually do monthly networking events--great opportunities to meet solid, top-notch Hispanic MBAs. Coming in a couple months, we are having our yearly Speaker Series, which will feature some top executive level speakers and a great VIP reception. Its another good opportunity to connect with the Latino business community here in the Front Range area.

Check out the article
, and visit the NSHMBA Denver chapter web site at

Masters Plan
July/August 2005, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

Sandra Gonzalez

Mariela Oetinger got more than she bargained for when she approached Safeway Inc. to sponsor a conference for her organization in 2004.

The retail food giant provided $25,000 to the National Society of Hispanic Masters in Business Administration (NSHMBA) and then made Ms. Oetinger an offer she didn't refuse: to join the company as a strategic sourcing solutions manager.

"I asked Safeway to sponsor and they ended up asking me to work for them," says Ms. Oetinger, who left her job at Mervyn's to join the company.

Not everyone finds career success so quickly, of course, but NSHMBA has launched the careers of thousands of young Hispanics since its founding in 1988. From one chapter in Los Angeles, the group now has grown to include 23 chapters with more than 6,000 members. Significantly, NSHMBA has drawn major support from the corporate world for its scholarship fund, which this year reached nearly $1 million. Almost 200 MBA students were awarded scholarships ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 last year.

Just a Crazy Day

I have been in an off-site meeting all day long, so there might not be much today. If I get some time after I take care of some other work tonight, I will go online and see whats going on and post something.

I want to thank all my regular readers that come back and who take the time to provide their valuable comments. It is what I enjoy the most about blogging--interacting with you.


Josue Sierra

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The Future in an Abortion Free America?

Interesting article about the arrest of 3 individuals performing illegal abortions in Yogyakarta. I am glad that abortion laws are being enforced, but being that this is a Muslim country, I wonder what is being done for women in regards to support, adoption options, and just basic human rights?

This makes me also think the best thing for America is not necessarily complete criminalization of abortion, but a radical transformation of the culture. When individuals can rule their lives by the Universal moral code that transcends history and time, then Roe-v-Wade won't even matter.

Let me clarify--I do believe abortion should be illegal. Human life begins at conception, and human rights dictate that be respected. No man, not I said man, should ever be able to legally take the life of another. But I just think society would be that better off when people are able to understand the implications of their choices, and the consequences that come with those. Abortion is no simple choice, and it affects relatives, the men in the relationship, the unborn baby, and of course, the hurting mother.

It's to bad that this story doesn't really ad value to the issue--helping hurting women, and defending and nurturing their role as women, wives, and mothers.
Yogyakarta police have arrested three people for performing some 300 abortions, mostly at a particular hotel in Yogyakarta and another in Semarang, over the past two years.

The three people nabbed were Agam Teguh Darmawan, 29, a Semarang resident who claimed to be the doctor, assisted by Hengki Ferrari, 27, a Klaten regency resident and Bambang Tukiyat, 32, a Yogyakarta resident. During the arrest on Sunday in a hotel in Yogyakarta, the police also detained two students one identified as A.R. and his girlfriend L.N., who were thought to be clients. The police also confiscated a variety of medical equipment such as needles, antibiotics and other items.

Patrick Ruffini's August Straw Poll: The Big One

Head on over and make your voice heard.
This one should be fun. It's pretty much all the likely candidates as they stand today in a main ballot, and a bonus ballot with the opportunity to vote for four of your favorite fantasy contenders. Once you get to the results page, you'll see exactly which likely candidates the fantasy candidates take the most from.

Here's another reason why this one's the Big One. On your ballot, you'll have the opportunity to mark your state. If this poll is as big as the last one (@13,000 responses), we'll have a statistically valid sample of online activists not just nationally, but in most of the fifty states. On the results page, you can filter the results by state, by region, or by Red vs. Blue states.

As always, we're tracking results by blog. All center-right bloggers who participated in the previous polls are encouraged to do so again to see how their readers are trending over time. And if you haven't yet done so, feel free to join in for this and future straw polls. Here are the results from last time for comparison's sake.

Some tips to ensure quality results:

1. Try and vote every question. The state and fantasy candidate questions should prove very interesting.
2. The fantasy ballot pits the four new candidates against the rest of the field. If you don't wish to change your vote from the main ballot, just vote "Keep My Vote the Same."


Also, some great comments at on the whole Condi for President fantasy. Check it out.
But if Rice runs, the campaign won't be about electing the first black woman president. It'll be a referendum on Iraq, involving one architect of the policy. At this point, the environment for such a referendum is, shall we say, hostile. Even if things look better a year from now, Iraq exhaustion will hurt.

Rice should discourage this Condimania. We need to focus on the candidates who plan to run. Them or Fred.

South Africa, Pro-life doctors mount abortion challenge

Interesting article on a challenge being mounted against recent pro-abortion legislation in South Africa.

The four legislations, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill; the Traditional Health Practitioners Bill; the Sterilisation Amendment Bill; and the Dental Technicians Amendment Bill, have already been signed into law by President Thabo Mbeki.

A lot of the article is a complex presentation and arguments on their constitutional issues. Let us hope the pro-life doctors have a favorable result. A key question is what was done to oppose these legislations before they where enacted? Unfortunately, I have seen much to often that pro-life and conservative groups react to late to make a difference. If life is to be preserved, and human rights are to be defended, pro-life groups, church denominations, and conservative organizations need to mobilize, organize, and unite to bring attention to these issues before the battles are lost.

Anti-abortion Doctors for Life International is asking the Constitutional Court to declare that parliament failed to give the public enough time to have their say before passing four bills relating to abortion.

Although extensive public hearings were heard in the process leading to the bills being considered in the National Assembly, the doctors say the same should have happened when they were passed by the National Council of Provinces.

Not all Latinos are soft on illegal immigration

A million thanks to Ruben Navarrette Jr. of the San Diego Union-Tribune for pointing out the truth about what Latino's believe about illegal immigration. To many politicians are afraid of speaking out on this issue out of fear of the Latino voters, but the facts don't ad up to this. While politicians like Tancredo are doing a great job of bringing the subject to national attention, they don't always get it either. A million thank you's to Navarrette for being a voice on this issue. Let's hope others are listening.
According to every study or poll taking the pulse of Latinos in the last decade, this is a population that takes seriously the issue of illegal immigration. That includes Mexican Americans, the one subgroup that you might think -- because of their ancestors' experience -- would be most sympathetic to immigrants, even those who come illegally.

One of the latest polls appeared in last week's issue of Time magazine, in which 61 percent of Latinos rated illegal immigration a "serious problem."

Then there was the recent survey put out by the Pew Hispanic Center, which measured the views of both native-born Latinos and immigrants. It found that a majority of U.S.-born Latinos (60 percent) support laws that deny driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

It also found substantial support for the view that the number of legal immigrants admitted to the United States should stay the same (44 percent) or be reduced (16 percent); only 28 percent said the number should be increased. Most native-born Latinos also said that illegal immigrants help the economy by providing cheap labor (55 percent), but the percentage of those who felt illegal immigrants hurt the economy (34 percent) was not far behind. In every respect, the study says, "native-born Latinos are less enthusiastic about immigration than the foreign born."
I agree with Navarrette in that the left leaning Latino Advocacy groups, "the ones that are so cozy with the Democratic Party," are the ones to blame. The fact of the matter is that these left-leaning Latino groups do not speak for me, my family, or any of my friends. They are more concerned about advancing their political agendas, than truly speaking for the Latino community. They are just noise, causing confusion and distraction from the real concerns and goals of Latino immigrants that come here legally, and want a better life as Americans. Worst of all, they ad fuel to the fires of prejudice that confuse the issues and get people hurt.

Screwtape Returns: Taking Jesus Back From the Republicans (Satire)

Here is a powerful satire by Adam Graham in the memorable style of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape letters. This one is worth reading. Make sure to read the rest the entire series Graham wrote. More information is available at Adam's site. Graham reports that the first 22 Screwtape Reports, along with 10 never before published reports will be soon released in book form. I'm looking forward to it.
From: Dave Screwtape

To: Democratic Members of Congress, Liberal Clergy, Opinion Leaders, and Activists

Subject: The Right Picture of Jesus

As I returned from an extended vacation, I was deluged with letters asking how we mitigate the Republican advantage with Christian voters. I think the solution is simple. As other Democrats have said, "We must take God back from the Republicans." There is only one way to do that, and it is through Jesus Christ.

Christian Conservatives rarely talk about Christ in their public speeches, they talk about "God" or providence or "The Lord." The reason for that they wish to be inclusive of all Americans who have any belief in God. That, and the fact that if they even end a prayer "in the name of Jesus" our allies in the press will go ballistic.

What we must do is borrow that phrase from the tacky bracelet, "What Would Jesus Do?" and use it to death. By saying, Jesus would do something often enough, you'll convince enough Christians of the fact. Here are some examples.

"Jesus wouldn't launch a war for oil against the Iraqi people. Jesus wouldn't have appointed Alberto Gonzalez Attorney General. Jesus would spend more government money on the poor. Jesus would want everyone to have free health care. Jesus wouldn't back a Constitutional Amendment banning Flag Burning."

Now, we can do this with a variety of issues, but we all have to paint a good picture of Jesus. Jesus was a tolerant, loving, nice guy who cared about poor people. With that understanding, we can make any arguments we want that fits that picture and Christians will listen.

Thus, we can shift Christian concern away from issues like abortion and gay marriage to issues such as reducing poverty through government programs and more money for schools, because that is what Jesus would want.
Read the rest.

Who needs Telesur when you have CNN

I think Chavez has wasted his money. Instead of spending money on a TV startup, he should have purchased stock on CNN, and made sure all Venezuelan homes can see it. It certainly seems to do a great job in espousing the left's views.

I did a search at on the War in Iraq, and the results give a picture of just how CNN sees the war. The bias is more than evident. It's all about doom, defeat, protests, and discontent. One would think we where losing the battle, and that the majority of Americans are against what our armed forces are doing. If this was so, then I ask, why did Bush, and many other republicans, win the elections? Why is it that election after election, the conservatives keep winning at the polls?

You figure it out. You might want to tune out CNN--it will help you think with better clarity.

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Cindy Sheehan is an Insult to Latino servicemen and women.

I wrote a post on Cindy Sheehan's Huffington Post blog, but it is being reviewed. Honestly, from what I read on that blog, the only ones that get to comment are the left wing liberals that believe in all the trash coming out of her mouth. Because it probably won't be posted, I decided to post it here.

I find it funny that this woman feels so empowered. Who made her think she can speak for the American people? Oh, ya, the media did. To bad she doesn't know how to choose her friends better. She would be a little more in touch with reality if she did. All comments aside, its truly sad what this women is doing to herself, and the memory of her son.
Dear Cindy (and your left wing handlers),

You say, "And when the people speak out, it's the president's responsibility to listen." Well, listen to this--he is listening! He is listening to the will of the people that voted him into power, and who support the fight for the freedom of Iraq and Afghanistan and the fight against terror.

You DO NOT represent the people. You do not represent the men & women that are on the field fighting for us. More importantly, you do not represent the millions of citizens that consider you an insult and an embarrassment to our country, and an aid to the enemy.

I feel for your loss. Now shut up, go home, and stop causing trouble!

Let me tell you another thing. You do not represent the millions of Latino men & women that have chosen--yes, chosen out of their free will--to express their gratitude, to improve their lives, and to give back to the country that has adopted them.

You show less patriotism and respect for the founding values of this nation, than many immigrants who are now our guests. Come on Cindy--shut up and go home. You are embarrassing us in front of the whole world! You have a right to speak up, and I have a right to tell you what a fool you are making of yourself.

~ Josué Sierra
A Latino Conservative Blog
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Question du jour

I just discovered a powerful and compelling site today. I should warn you, if you are in favor of abortion on demand, you may want to stay out of this web site. It is a powerful memorial after memorial for those women that have died because of abortion.

Hat tip to Mona at GrannyTiger's Reality Check for pointing it out. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Christina Dunigan asks a pretty interesting question I would like to invite you to respond to.
Imagine that some wealthy media mogul offers to give you one hour of prime time broadcast time on a major network. He'll cover the advertising to promote the broadcast, and he'll cover all the costs of producing something to air in that hour if you don't choose to air an existing work. The only restriction is that the goal of your broadcast must be to help reduce the annual number of abortions.

What would you choose to broadcast, and why?
I invite you to head over to RealChoice at and post your comments and response at her site.

Cuba's Ganji

Good article on the progress for freedom in Cuba and the repressions going on. This goes to show that more has been done for Cuba by this Administration, than any other in a long time. Many thanks to Senator Specter for his stand against Castro's regime. Read the full article from the NY Sun here.
A recent visit by Senator Specter turned up the heat even further. The senator met with dissident leaders just three weeks after Mr. Castro had claimed in a speech that the opposition was dead. As Ms. Clyne reported, dissidents say the visit gave a major moral and political boost to their movement by showing the support of a high-profile American senator for freedom in Cuba. President Bush last year created the new post of "transition coordinator" to oversee American support for the downfall of the current government and to aid a democratic replacement when that downfall happens, a post the president filled late last month by appointing Caleb McCarry in a move that angered Mr. Castro.

Illegal Immigration -- A ‘No Truth’ Zone?

Amazing article by Chuck Colson's BreakPoint on the issue of illegal immigration. He does a perfect job of breaking down the issues. As Colson points out, regardless of the various factors that are true and relate to illegal immigrants currently in the US, none of these change "the fact that they are here in violation of U.S. law."

These are some of the comments I want to highlight. For those readers that may not follow the Christian faith, I ask for you to take into consideration that the following is written to a Christ-following audience. I believe it presents a well-balanced approach to the issue, and good possible solutions. As I have said here many times, the government needs to change the restrictive immigration quotas that are not working anyways.
As hard as this issue is for our leaders, it’s even harder for Christians. We’re commanded to be good citizens who are committed to the welfare of the city in which God has placed us to live. The porous borders that have enabled 11 million people to settle in this country illegally raise obviously dangerous security concerns. Those same borders allowing people to seek a better life for their families allow terrorists to come in to destroy us. We need to tighten border security. And we must oppose blatant disregard for the law. If immigration laws are too restrictive, the answer is to amend them, not ignore them.

But along with these concerns, we also need to recall God’s command to welcome the foreigner and sojourner in our midst. The Scriptures tells us that hospitality toward the aliens in its midst is the hallmark of a good society. In fact, extending the hand of friendship toward those who are different from them is a way the people of God distinguish themselves from their unbelieving neighbors.

While this kind of hospitality doesn’t require that Christians advocate open borders, it does require us to be salt and light in the debate over immigration reform. At the very least, we should work to elevate the level of discourse and prevent the demonizing of the “other” in our midst.

And we ought to remind our fellow citizens who are so angry about immigration that it is our desire for cheap labor that has contributed to the problem. It’s bad enough that illegal immigration is a “no-win” issue; it should not be a “no-truth” issue, as well. And in the end, we must, as Christians, treat everyone in our midst with godly compassion.

Getting Wise to the Pro-Abortion Lies

Good comments from BreakPoint on the lies from the pro abortion camp. Hat tip to Choose Life for the link.
Alexander Sanger, chairman of International Planned Parenthood, complains that the numbers are “unbelievably shocking.” And he warns: “It’s not just the numbers that are down . . . It’s the enthusiasm.” When Sanger visits colleges, he finds that many no longer have an abortion rights group. But, as he told Glamour magazine, he “has yet to visit one that doesn’t have a strong, vocal faction of pro-life women.”
The fact remains that regardless of what our Courts say or not say, the pro-life movement must continue to work to make a difference in our society, in what people believe about abortion, and in making sure there are resources available to women facing un-planned pregnancies. Good reminder and renewed call to action by Colson. This is where the true battle against Roe-v-Wade is happening--a battle for the hearts and minds of America and the world.

Chávez slams U.S. in show with Castro

The Associated Press reported Chavez had his fourth visit to his papi-chulo in the last nine months. Like any good little puppy, Chavez is getting his TV propaganda techniques from the Mac-Daddy himself. Now that Chavez is going into the TV business with Telesur, I can see that Castro is wanting to make sure he is well prepared. Of course, the AP gladly helps out with a straight out story that makes it look like just another day in Cuba.

I would like to see more on Chavez's imperialism towards Bolivia and Nicaragua. What about his meddling in these countries affairs? I don't see any mention of this in the AP story--but then again, I wasn't expecting that the AP would report the whole truth. That would be out of character for them.
In his fourth visit to Cuba in nine months, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez held his six-hour call-in show in Cuba alongside Fidel Castro and blasted ''U.S. imperialism'' as the greatest global threat.

Associated Press

HAVANA - Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez criticized the United States for recent remarks about his role in Latin America, saying in a Sunday broadcast from Cuba that it is the policies of the U.S. government that are harming the world, not his own.

Chávez spoke alongside Cuban President Fidel Castro during his regular Sunday television and radio show, Aló Presidente, from the western tip of the island, flaunting the close ties between the two leftist leaders that U.S. leaders say are threatening democracy in the region.
So, while they can deny all the want, their joint reaction goes to show that they didn't like the accusation. Everyone knows that getting defensive is not a good sign of innocence. Then again, everyone knows these two are not innocent, so maybe this was just about Chavez getting some air time.

Chávez was responding to remarks Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made on his way home from visits to Paraguay and Peru last week. Referring to social uprisings in Bolivia that have pushed out two presidents in less than two years, Rumsfeld told reporters that Venezuela and Cuba have been influencing the Andean nation ``in unhelpful ways.''

Uneasy about the close relationship between Castro and Chávez, Rumsfeld and other U.S. officials have repeatedly said the two men are fomenting instability in Latin America. Both leaders have consistently denied the accusations.

Aruba, Couple Attemptes Judicial Activism, Pushing for Gay Marriage

Homosexual activist lesbian “couple,” Charlene and Esther Oduber-Lamers, who were “married” in the Netherlands, are pushing to have their union recognized in Aruba through judicial activism. An island court ruled their union should be recognized, but the Aruban government has already appealed and vows to fight the ruling all the way to the Netherlands Supreme Court. The Associated Press, via the Seattle Times, tells a story of the rejection by the culture at large in the Caribbean island, a country that is 80% Catholic. While violence against anyone cannot be condoned, it is to be expected that a population would react strongly to attempts to circumvent the will of the people.

In Aruba, sentiment against homosexual or other deviant “lifestyles” is vehemently opposed by the public whose cultural roots are more in tune with Latin American culture than with that of their counterpart Dutch. has more on this story.
Homosexual activists have openly advocated the method of forcing acceptance of gay unions upon reluctant countries by “marrying” in a more liberalized country and using the courts to force legal recognition in the more ‘conservative’ country. Charlene and Esther employed the method in Aruba, first attempting to register their partnership in the Public Registry and then, after it was rejected, filing a lawsuit charging Aruba's government with discrimination. An island court ruled their union should be recognized.

One Aruba government spokesman shows that he follows the logic fairly well. “If we accept gay marriage, would we next have to accept Holland's marijuana bars and euthanasia?” Ruben Trapenberg said. "They have their culture, we have ours."

The Aruban government appealed and is vowing to fight the ruling to the Netherlands Supreme Court if necessary. Aruba is an autonomous republic within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We can't let this become a precedent," said Hendrik Croes, a lawyer for Aruba's government. "Gay marriage is against the civil code and Aruban morals."

Of course, the Associated Press would not write about the body of research showing the effects of gay marriage on society at large. The Aruban officials are being smart in fighting this. Here is a picture of what awaits Aruba society should they go down this road.
Consider that full nudity is common on Dutch television after 9 p.m., and that one can find pornographic movies on television during weekends. Consider that homosexual marriage is legal in Holland. Consider that Holland also recently made euthanasia legal; it has been tacitly accepted for at least the past 20 years. Supermarket racks are full of magazine covers featuring photos of nude women — all in open view. And hard drugs are consumed openly in so-called "coffee houses." (If you’re ever in Holland, don’t wander into a coffee house assuming you’ll find the Dutch version of a double frothé.) And abortion is yawned at.