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More on the Seven Russian Soldiers Killed In Chechnya

UPDATE 2: Welcome Hugh Hewitt readers. Thanks for dropping in. I hope you will come back again.

UPDATE: I did find a reference to the rebel group being Islamists on This was in statements by the Interior Ministry.
The dead suspects were alleged mercenaries for a radical Islamic group based in Chechnya, the Interior Ministry said. They were suspected of a series of attacks there, and of planning similar attacks against law enforcement authorities and strategic facilities in the Stavropol region.

They probably had planned to seize a school, RIA-Novosti reported, citing Viktor Barnash, the head of the Stavropol organized crime department.I saw this story on Hugh Hewitt . I did a quick search on Google, and found more references to it on various Russian news web sites, but there was no mention in any of these articles about the rebels being Islamists. Are these journalist being politically correct? I am sure that in the minds of many legacy media journalists, these rebels are th…

Classless Act: Show Funeral

Lee Harris compared the Democrats Bush bashing session at Coretta Scott King's funeral to Stalin's show trails.
The Soviets under Stalin were famous for their "show" trials -- trials that were put on not in order to judge a man's innocence or guilt -- since the verdict of "guilty" was always a foregone conclusion -- but simply as an exercise in propaganda. Bush critics have managed to devise a new ploy -- a "show" funeral, in which, instead of properly honoring the memory of the dead, the occasion is deliberately exploited for its propaganda value.

Shame on them. HT: Instapundit

Chavez tells Blair to go to hell

Sticks and stones... Chavez continues to show how much of a simpleton he is, and continues to drive a wedge between Venezuela and the international community with his hatefull rehtoric. The Guardian has the story of Chavez telling Blair to "go to hell" in a speech during a rally in Caracas.
"Go right to hell, Mr Blair," he told the prime minister during a speech in western Venezuela, using local slang to deliver the line. His exact words, "váyase largo al cipote", have no direct translation into English.

Mr Chávez described Mr Blair as "the main ally of Hitler" - an accusation that he is siding with the US president in its confrontation with Venezuela. Mr Chávez has taken to calling George Bush "Mr Danger" and "Danger Bush Hitler" among other epithets, and added that he would now need similar nicknames for Mr Blair.

"You messed with me, so put up with me," he told the prime minister. Quoting the lyrics of a Venuezuelan…

Reducing Incentives to Illegal Immigration: Steps in the right direction

The problem of illegal immigration is a difficult problem for local communities, but it must be addressed! Marc Fisher's Washington Post column calls it "The Wrong Approach to Illegal Immigration," but reading through what he writes, I don't see a problem. Local authorities must be empowered to maintain order, and uphold the laws of the law. This is not about race, or discrimination, but about being within the boundaries of the law. To many "feel-good" socialist and leftist policies are at the root of the problem. If our laws had been enforced from the beginning, we would now see much less incentive for illegals to enter our country.
The House of Delegates has passed a bill to give state police the authority to enforce immigration laws; if the Senate and governor approve the plan, Virginia would become the third state to let police become immigration cops when they, for example, make a traffic stop.I agree that it's the children that will suffer the most…

Portuguese lesbian couple file for marriage license, open a battle for the legalization of same-sex marriage

AFP has a report on a new battle front in Portugal in the war against marriage. This seems to be about a week old, and according to AFP, their request was refused a day later. I can't find any follow up story, so I am wondernig if this is a dead story.
A Portuguese lesbian couple created a fierce debate in Portugal with their plans to file for a marriage licence in an attempt to open a battle leading to the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Helena Paixao, 35, and Teresa Pires, 28, who have been together for over three years, plan to request the license on Wednesday afternoon in Lisbon, fully aware that the bid will more than likely be turned down.

Portuguese law currently does not allow for same-sex marriage but the couple say they plan to argue in court that this goes against the constitution, which was altered in 2004 to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.Here is a foto and more info via Yahoo Photos. From their own words, it seems this was just a publicity stun…

Unesco, Castro Gives Chavez Jose Marti Award--So Why Did We Re-Join?

The New York Sun has a great editorial you must read (subscription required to read the entire article). When President Bush announced in September of 2002 that America would rejoin the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization after an 18-year absence, this newspaper ran a critical editorial headlined "The Unesco Blunder" arguing that it was a waste of $60 million in taxpayer money and that not even the Clinton administration had rejoined Unesco. We were reminded of that editorial yesterday upon viewing the photograph - reproduced on our front page today - of Fidel Castro presenting the Venezuelan anti-American leader Hugo Chavez with a $5,000 Unesco award. This came but hours after Mr. Chavez's vice president had called Mr. Bush the "North American Hitler," the Associated Press reports. Mr. Castro is a ruler-for-life who jails political dissidents and whose country is on the American list of state sponsors of terrorism.Here is the press…

Communism Reruns: Marxist Oppression Advances in Bolivia

As I was telling a friend, why is it that Latin countries seem to never learn the lessons of the past. This time, the world cannot say they did not know what Communism is all about--repression.

DeepKeel posted on the move by Bolivia's new president to control the media.
Marxism is on the rebound around the world and especially in Latin America. Per the Marxist Operating Manual the first thing to do after winning an election is to use the tools of power to ensure communist rule forever. Control over the media is a crucial element of this, and the new marxist government of Bolivia is moving quickly to take charge of the media:
The Washington Times is covering the story.
Bolivia's new government has proposed legislation tightening regulations on the press, prompting fears of censorship among government critics and journalists.

Representatives of the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) maintain that the measures would affect only television and other electronic content considered …

Is NBC Covering-Up Anti-Christian Bias?

Unfortunately, I could not find a link to the original AP article for this story. According to Tyler Morning Telegraph, New York-based AP reporter Jake Coyle reported on rumors of a "Will & Grace" episode featuring Britney Spears, as a christian character who hosts a cooking segment titled "Cruci-fixins".

The American Family Association has been on top of this story mobilizing its members to speak out, and is now reporting on its website that NBC is backing off and covering up the whole thing.

Here is the statement NBC sent to their affiliates for the affiliate to use in responding to emails and calls:
Some erroneous information was mistakenly included in a press release describing an upcoming episode of "Will & Grace" which, in fact, has yet to be written. The reference to "Cruci-fxins" will not be in the show and the storyline will not contain a Christian characterization at all.The Tyler Morning Telegraph reported on the story.
[Mike …