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Ken Mehlman and Michael Barone on The Glenn and Helen Show

Update: Mehlman had some good things to say, but I hear disconnect between what he says and some of the things happening out there. I know the border patrol is aprehending a lot, and Mehlman says they have stopped the catch-and-release, yet the evidence says otherwise!

So, what is it? I'm still listening...will have more later.


I'm downloading it right now. I'll let you all know what I think once I listen to it.
It's a roundup of Republican problems and solutions in today's Glenn and Helen Show. First, we talk to Ken Mehlman, chair of the Republican National Committee, about polls, anger in the base, and issues like immigration, spending, taxes, and judges. We pressed Mehlman pretty hard, and I think it's fair to say that he realizes that action is more important than rhetoric if the GOP is to win back the base before November. Whether he and the White House can deliver on that, especially in the face of the Senate Republicans' foot-dragging, is another que…

Colombia eases abortion laws

I'm fine if the mother's life is in danger, but I have yet to see a compelling argument as to how an abortion changes anything in the case of rape or incest. I mean, is the argument that a mother would abort for phycological reasons? How does the trauma of an abortion make the situation any better?

It's to bad--it strikes me as a step backwards in the battle for life.
BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) -- A Colombian court has decided to partially lift the country`s ban on abortion, El Tiempo newspaper reported Thursday.

The new law will allow abortions in cases of rape and incest and if either the mother or child is in mortal danger.

Abortion has long been a hot-button issue in the predominantly Roman Catholic South American country.

Anti-abortion rights activists rallied against the decision saying it was a 'moral' issue and not a matter of public health.

The Problems with Christian Education

Joe Belz has an interesting column this week on the problems with Christian education. Anyone involved either in Homeschooling or in Christian education should read it. But before anyone gets offended, make sure to get to the last part of the article. There are core differences between having problems in Christian education, and the horror stories coming out of public schools.
But there are still a couple of profound differences. One is that neither Mr. Wilkey nor any other critics of Christian schools or homeschools have ever been asked to pay one red cent for all the mistakes we've made. That stands in stark contrast to the fact that all of us involved in Christian schools and homeschools have to pay, year after year, for the mistakes and wrong-headedness of public education. Second, any family patronizing any of the programs making the mistakes I've outlined here has the easy option, when they get tired of such mistakes, of just walking away from such a program—without…

More Wal Mart Hate in Mexico

They are breaking our laws to find jobs in the US, and yet they riot when a company tries to create new jobs in their own country? Es el colmo!!
In a little-reported story last week, Mexico experienced some fearsome riots, with Sweetness & Light reporting that they were about opposition to a new Wal-Mart. The Mexican Wal-Marts are owned by a Mexican, by the way. In Mexico they are called Mal-Mex. I don't understand why any sensible human being would be against more jobs.

New United Nations human rights council--What a Joke!

A.M. Mora y Leon has more at Publius Pundit.
Cuba has secured a spot on the new United Nations human rights council, the board that replaced a previous one, which was intended to keep countries like Zimbabwe and Burma off these boards.Its making Val Prieto's head spin. I agree--this sort of outrage by the UN is enough to make any descent liberty loving, human-rights defending citizen go dizzy!
The U.S., wisely, opted to stay off this United Nations board, knowing full well that countries like Cuba could gerrymander the new system to be on it. It’s quite a reflection on the workings of the United Nations that this should be the state of affairs now. The UN is now more irrelevant than ever.What sort of Human Rights are they expecting to be able to defend and protect? The key word for everything related to the UN--irrelevant. How about corrupt? At times, even evil? Feel free to add to the list...

Latino Issues has better TLB rankings that

Is this a testament to the power of the Army of Davids. As you can see in the screen capture above, Latino Issues has a higher ranking that Now, I am not sure if that is because of in-bound links, or traffic, or a combination of both. But it says something about how the playing field has changed since 2004 that an individual like me can move up the ranks and gain a decent audience.

Of course, I assume they have a much higher traffic numbers, but I am enjoying playing a small part alongside millions of other bloggers. This is encouraging.

Disgusting--Carter making bolivarian friends

Promoting tyranny in Latin America--make sure to check out the picture at of Carter with the Bolivarian tyrant from Venezuela.
It is important that Carter not set a precedent. We do not need, and we do not want, "President Emeritus" meddlers fouling up the plans and policies of the elected leadership of the United States. We need to make it clear to any other aspiring Meddlers In Chief that this behavior is reprehensible. And the way to do that is for the Congress to formally censure Jimmy Carter.

This was not my idea. The good folks at came up with this, and Tuesday they are beginning a television advertising campaign to drum up support. You can see the ad now, here.

Immigration: An Important Challenge

Not all Hispanics got on this pro-open borders bandwagon. Not everything you heard was true.

Jose Fuentes speaks out about the facts--the truth--about this important challenge.

Let this be a warning to citizens of Latino heritage. The question everyone should be asking is "Can Democrats be trusted?" This the party that lied to America and was willing to use a large segment of our population to further their political ambitions.

While we all may not agree on the Republican's proposed solutions, this doesn't mean you should go out and vote Democrat come November. That would be playing right into their hands.
By Jose Fuentes
May 9, 2006

The immigration issue is one of the most important challenges we as a nation face. And yet, after weeks and months of debate and discussion, we remain at a deadlock. Two simple news items might help to explain why:

Item one: Senate Democrats – particularly Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – backed out of what seemed to be a compromise…

The Spheres in Society: Protecting the family and the church

Most of us here in the blogosphere, and most good citizens, engage in the battle to ensure the sphere of government remains within its proper boundaries, and executes its responsibilities to society.

How many of us have considered the proper role within the spheres of the individual citizen, the family, and the church?

While government has overflowed its boundaries, I propose it may have a large part in the fact that the roles of men, families, and church have abdicated their proper role in our society. How many men are NOT engaging with their wives and children? How many families are falling apart? How many of us are truly engaging and supporting the structure of the church in order to help "it" execute its responsibilities to society?

"We are not marbles in a bag" said a college professor, alluding to the fact that we are not just simple individuals that do not cross into each other's spheres. It is all interrelated, and the failure of one will inevitably affect…