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A Source of Shame to the Immigrant Community

I regularly get America First 2008 email updates in order to stay in touch with what they are doing (this is not an endorsement). I got an email this evening that just angers me. (see below)

I would be all in favor of harsh sentences for gang-related crimes, and until our border has been secured, we should not be deporting arrested gang members, just to have them sneak back in. They should simply be locked up!!

This is the exact sort of thing that is at the heart of the cultural backlash against immigrants of Latino heritage. I wanted to make a public statement in calling to all Latino civil rights groups to publicly denounce the use of threats by MS 13 and Latin Kings. Whatever your view on immigration, race, and the border, violence and the threat of violence will not resolve anything, Latino community leaders must make that clear and loudly denounce it before the cameras!PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE LAKEWOOD, NJ RALLY PROTESTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ON AUGUST 25TH HAS BEE…

Hispanic Trending: Leave your name at the border

Most people miss the fact that Hispanics do not consist of a single ethnic group. Besides that, the heritage that each one of the many nationalities represented in our immigrant population is diverse in itself. As I read Manuel Muñoz's post on his assimilation experience, I can tell you mine was nothing like his. But I can relate to this paragraph. My niece's name is Katie Belle (Sierra). It's intriguing to watch "American" names begin to dominate among my nieces and nephews and second cousins, as well as with the children of my hometown friends. I am not surprised to meet 5-year-old Brandon or Kaitlyn. Hardly anyone questions the incongruity of matching these names with last names like Trujillo or Zepeda. The English-only way of life partly explains the quiet erasure of cultural difference that assimilation has attempted to accomplish. A name like Kaitlyn Zepeda doesn't completely obscure her ethnicity, but the half-step of her nam…

Univision #2 Network Among All Adults 18-34 During July Sweep

These are impressive numbers and a loud statement about the reality of the immigrant population in our country. Univision #2 Network Among All Adults 18-34 During July SweepBeats ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX on 9 Out Of Every 10 Nights during SweepMiami, FL--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--August 1, 2007--With the July Sweep period nearly over, Univision captured the #2 network ranking among all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics, and outdelivered ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX on 23 out of 26 primetime nights, or 89% of the sweep period. According to the Nielsen Television Index (NTI), for the seventh consecutive sweep Univision ranked as the 5th broadcast network after FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC and ahead of CW and MNT in primetime – that’s for all Adults 18-49, not just Hispanics. Sweep Overview - During the July 2007 Sweep-- Univision was the # 2 broadcast network in primetime behind FOX among Adults 18-34 (1,040,000), Persons 12-34 (1,255,000), and Kids 2-11 (420,000) beating ABC, C…