Friday, September 14

RNC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The Republican Party General Chairman Mel Martinez released the following statement (via email) recognizing National Hispanic Heritage Month:

WASHINGTON – Republican Party General Chairman Mel Martinez released the following statement recognizing National Hispanic Heritage Month:  

“This month, we celebrate the millions of Hispanics who every single day are contributing to our great nation.  We honor those who have come here to live the American dream, we recognize those who have been here for generations, and we thank those who are serving our nation in uniform here and overseas.

“The Republican Party is dedicated to making sure opportunity is available for all Americans.  In the last six and a half years, we have seen the achievement gap in schools narrow, Hispanic unemployment reach historic lows, and unprecedented numbers of Hispanics opening their own small businesses.  We can look back with pride on what we’ve achieved, and we can look forward knowing that the future holds even greater accomplishments.”


Sunday, September 9

Al Cardenas Comments on Univision Democrat Forum

Al Cardenas is Chairman of Romney for President's Hispanic Steering Committee. I got the following email from the campaign.
Boston, MA – Al Cardenas, the Chairman of Romney for President's National Hispanic Steering Committee, issued the following statement regarding tonight's Democrat presidential forum on Univision:
"Tonight's Univision forum demonstrated once again the consequences that a President Clinton, President Obama or President Edwards would have on the Hispanic community.  Whether it's tax increases for families and the two million Hispanic business owners, socialist-style health care, coddling dictators, opposing free trade with our allies or putting family values last, the Democrat presidential candidates made clear how out of sync their policies are with the best interests of the Hispanic community.

Mitt Romney has put in the effort to reach out to this vital bloc, and, after watching tonight's debate, I am confident his vision for the Hispanic community and all Americans will trounce the Democrats' vision in any match-up."
Considering the long history with socialism, communism and dictators in many Latin American countries, I think most voters of Hispanic heritage would agree with this assessment. The exception would be within the college aged--which is no surprise considering the type of academic oppression against conservatives going on in major universities across the country. Of course, as with any voting block, I think a lot of people tend to like what they hear, and don't consider the consequences when it comes to the ideas, values, and vision that Democrats have for America. I've certainly seen plenty of that happen in Latin American elections, as it happens in ours.