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Monday's Strike -- Immigrants to Boycott... Themselves?

Reuters has the full story on the May 1 immigrant boycott that aims to "close" down entire cities.. Doug Powers comments:
So, no income for a day and no education? Sounds to me as if what they're boycotting is themselves. What a lesson for their kids. Got a beef? Don't go to work or school. Yeah, perpetuating poverty and denying yourself an education is a great way to get back at the gringo!
A reader at Men's News Daily says, "Fight back! Mow your own lawn! Get some exercise! Have it done right!"

First, allow me to point out who is behind these--not Latino leadership.
"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue.
And what is it that they want?
"We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1."
Jim Kouri points out that people like Rodriguez do not speak for all of us.

In response to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have been marching under the Mexican flag demanding to be rewarded for having violated US immigration law, a new coalition has been formed to accurately represent Hispanics in the US who work hard, play by the rules and want the opportunity to see their own kids get ahead. Known as "You Don'’t Speak for Me,"” the coalition aims to dispel the impression that the people out on the streets represent the views of all Hispanic-Americans.

"Politicians and the media seem to believe that Hispanic-Americans hold a monolithic view on the subject of immigration,"” said Peter Nunez, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a spokesman for the group.

These facts reflect the position of many Hispanic-Americans--citizens, legal immigrants and the children of immigrants--who strongly oppose amnesty for illegal aliens and support enforcement of US immigration laws. "In fact, millions of Hispanic-Americans--including many who have gone through the immigration process the right way--are offended by the demands being made by people who have broken our nation'’s laws. We are even more offended that the views of Hispanic citizens are not being accurately portrayed,"” he said.
The responsibility to get the message right is on the media, but of course, no one is expecting the media giants to even care about getting the message right or talking about the facts--they have an agenda to keep.

Recent nationwide street demonstrations by illegal aliens and their supporters, demanding amnesty for 12 million or more illegal immigrants, have been portrayed in the media as representing the views of all Hispanics in the US

However, according to opinion polls, including one conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center,Americans are divided on the issue with 53% saying that people who are in the US illegally should be required to go home. According to the Pew Study, a growing number also believe that illegal immigrants are a burden to the country, taking jobs and housing and creating strains on the health care system.

Of course, we all know that Pew is not all that unbiased, so I wonder what the real numbers would look like, if done right? People, what you read on these pages are NOT an anomaly. I am not on the fringe. I am not the exception to the rule. Monday's boycott will only continue to hammer the message of urgency to American voting citizens, and will result in a harder and tougher crackdown on illegal immigration and on border security.
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Reconquista: Taking back the American Southwest

Greg Strange affirms what I have been saying in that these mass rallies are only serving to the benefit of America, and to the detriment of what the illegal immigrant advocates are hoping to achieve.
What if there was a reconquista and Americans didn’t notice until it was too late? It was all moving along quite swimmingly before the recent immigration rallies when most Americans wouldn’t have known a reconquista from a chimichanga. But the word is out thanks to those rallies where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Hispanics filled American streets waving Mexican flags, displaying insulting banners and making incredibly brazen demands of the country.
Another part that caught my attention (bolding is mine):’s the main thing you need to realize. If the American Southwest had stayed a part of Mexico, then you’d be trying to slip into the American Midwest, or the American Southeast, or the American Northeast, or the Pacific Northwest, or the Mid-Atlantic, or the Rocky Mountain West, or the Great Basin, or the Northern Plains, or anywhere other than the “homeland” you’re now making claim to. That’s because if the American Southwest had stayed a part of Mexico, then it would be just as miserable as the rest of that country.

See, it wasn’t some sort of natural, Edenic utopia where the living was intrinsically easy and the type of governance didn’t matter. The reason the American Southwest is prosperous is because it is part of America and not part of Mexico. America has the kind of political, social and economic system that generates prosperity. Mexico, on the other hand, doesn’t. Despite its beauty, vast natural resources and oil wealth, it’s a miserable basket case of a country.

But the profoundly arrogant and ignorant marchers who carried banners like the one described above have zero interest in trying to fix what’s wrong with their real homeland. It’s so much easier to just sneak into a large successful country to the north than it is to hang around and try to turn Mexico into a decent place.

I wouldn't call it a basket case, but things are a mess down there. The key thing here is that this final statment is particulary true for the Mexican leadership. Now, I am sure there are some, perhaps even many, good Mexican political and community leaders that want to see change happen in Mexico. But, what we see is the Mexican government condoning illegal immigration, and even encouraging it. Of course, this has at its roots money! Cash. Millions of dollars being sent back, and helping sustain an economy that should and could be sustaining itself. Why doesn't it? I don't know the facts, but I can take a guess--systematic corruption, exesive central government control, socialist economic policies.
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In The News: Taylor's campaign gets online boost

I was interviewed by the Waco Tribune this week on the VanTaylor campaign and the fund-raising efforts. You can read the story here.

Nuestro Himno: My Two Cents

** Welcome to Michelle Malkin readers. Look around, and make yourself comfortable. Further reading provided below.


This is really not that complicated. It's a national anthem--a symbol of our heritage. Like with all other symbols, there is a particular etiquette that goes with how these symbols should be treated.

With the flag, for example, you are to raise it in a particular respectful way, and display it in a certain way.

So it is with our national anthem. To make lyrical changes, and to sing it in Spanish amounts to a disrespect to the tradition and heritage that is inherently connected to the song. The question has been asked, and it is fair to ask, "What would the people of Latin America think if Americans where singing their songs in English, and even modifying its original words and meanings?" There would be riots. I mean, look at what the French president did the other day, just because another Frenchman was speaking in English!

The pundits on the side of the illegal alien strikes would tell you that this song is all about Latinos voicing their love for America. That this allows Latinos to identify with their adopted country. Hogwash! These do NOT represent the millions of legal Caribbean, Central and South American immigrants and political refugees in this country. For every one of those faces you see on your TV, there are hundreds that are staying home, going to work, taking English lessons, fighting in our military, protecting our borders, and just being Americans. Thousands of us who cringe as we imagine the "image" these rallies are creating in most Americans about the true grateful Latino immigrant who's only desire is to continue living and being an American.

If Latinos want to express their love for all things American, then learn English, recite the pledge in English, and sing the national anthem in English. Adopt our values. Learn our traditions. Become one of us.

Michelle Malkin

Update: Welcome to Michelle Malkin readers. Check out more on the subject below.

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Open Letter From Ordinary Americans in Favor of a Free Cuba

I have joined in signing an open letter to the world making a declaration for freedom for the people of Cuba. You can read the PDF here, and the full text and post at BabaluBlog right here.

Via Hentry "El Conductor" Gomez:
If you agree with the letter then I urge you to electronically “sign” it by either leaving your full name and your city and state of residence in the comments section of this post or by emailing me.
Here is an excerpt of the letter.
We are a group of ordinary Americans, many of us Cuban-Americans, who are united in our desire to see the people of Cuba completely free of the communist dictatorship that has dominated their lives since 1959. We stand behind the President of the United States of America, our elected Representatives in the U.S. Congress, and our Senators who have made the strengthening of sanctions against the Castro regime in Cuba a high foreign policy priority.

In forty-seven years since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution the United States has conducted twelve presidential elections, the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union have fallen; in short the world has changed. In those forty-seven years the United States has on at least two occasions entertained a rapprochement with the Castro regime. In all instances, efforts to reach out and normalize relations between both countries have failed dismally. While almost every variable in the Cuban equation has changed one has remained constant and, of course, that is the leadership of the dictator, Fidel Castro.

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Movie: Little Cuba

Anyone know any more about this movie? I couldn't find anything in Google. I found this at, a site for the company doing promotion work for United 93. Email me if you know anything. Check it out here (bottom of the page).

Title: "Little Cuba"

Production: 110 Below Productions

Production Budget: $4 million

Status: In Development. A romantic action-adventure story of a beautiful young Cuban refugee who finds love and freedom when her escape raft collides with the boat of a self-centered American college grad off the coast of Florida.

Services: Created complete business and marketing plan for company and investors. Working on packaging of film with talent and development funding.

NHCSL is Calling for Solidarity of May 1 Immigration Demonstrations

Via Hispanic PR Wire:
Washington, DC--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--April 28, 2006--Today, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (NY), President of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), called on his fellow colleagues and legislators to join in solidarity to support the immigrant demonstrations on May 1.

Last month, several Hispanic state legislators participated in rally marches held in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, New York and San Antonio, calling for immigration reform.

The National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) is a nonpartisan organization representing the interests of Hispanic state legislators from all states, commonwealths, and territories of the United States. NHCSL is a catalyst for joint action on issues of common concern to all segments of the Hispanic community. For more information visit
Pay attention to who comes out in support.

Fox News -- Mexican born American citizen making anti-American statements

Update: HotAir has the video. The illegal alien strike advocate's name is Javier Rodriguez.

Update 2: Read T. Otamendi comments, "This guy also was today with Lou Dobbs and called President Bush an immoral. Agree with you; this people are damaging our heritage."


You watching Fox news? Dayside just had a spokesperson for the pro-illegal immigration rallies on the air--I didn't write down his name (wasn't in a journalistic mode there). This guy was insane. I just don't know what else to call what I heard. As soon as I find someone who has the video, I'll link to it.

They guy came across really bad. I keep saying it--the unions are using common desperate latinos, both legal immigrants and illegal. The guy brought out Iraq, and said some real anti-American statements. A lady in the audience, with a son in Iraq, got REAL angry. It was very evident that he had no love for America, regardless of what he said, and that his loyalties are not with the United States of America.

The funny thing is, one minute he is saying he is American, but the next, he is saying "you guys bombed Iraqi" and "you guys are killing children." Julliet kept trying to ask him about this--asking about whether he was, as an American, a part of that statement. It was freaky in a way--these guys are just off the edge. He also commented about the Spanish national anthem remake, saying he thought it was a great thing. You should have heard the audience--very vocal about their displeasure with the guy's words.

I personally don't appreciate these sort of people. They make the rest of us legal immigrants or political refugees look bad.

Media Bias Showing through on Cuba, the embargo, China and oil

Via Pat Cleary at
We thought it was bad enough that Fidel Castro can drill for oil 45 miles off our shores when we can't, but now comes Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), to call attention to the fact that fierce US competitor China is partnering with Cuba to explore these same oil fields.

Lou Dobbs reported on this on Thursday, too -- as did Fox News -- but Lou's reporter Kitty Pilgrim got it a bit wrong saying, "But U.S. companies, because of the U.S. embargo of Cuba and hostile relations with Fidel Castro, are locked out of the game."

She is right that there is an embargo in effect with Cuba. But the big problem isn't that US companies can't tap Cuba's oil. The big problem is that we are not allowed -- by our own government -- to tap US oil! Eighty-five percent of this treasure trove of oil and gas (80 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of gas) are subject to a federal embargo.

We have no one to blame but ourselves, the only country that limits access to its own natural resources.

Drop your elected representatives a note and ask them to 'splain why they won't open US resources to US companies.

Kitty Pilgrim just exposed her bias, trying to throw in a "defense of Castro" line with that one. They just can't make their liberal, left wing, castro-loving bias any more obvious, can they?

There is an interesting discussion going on at as well--check it out.

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National Shopping Day to Counter Immigrant Boycott

This came in from Human Events Online.

May 1 is going to be "A Day Without Illegal Aliens." This is supposed to frighten you.

Why? Because you are an American -- weak, pampered, spoiled and allegedly incapable of taking care of yourself. You need the illegal alien servant class just to survive.

Those who want amnesty for immigration criminals -- illegal aliens, pandering politicians, ethnic grievance agitators and the politically correct media -- have swallowed their own propaganda and believe that the American economy is totally dependent for its greatness on unskilled illegal labor and the corrupt underground economy it fosters.

Read the full story here

Top 10 Places to Shop and Eat on May 1

Vote: Nominate a Business to Support

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United 93: Remembering 9/11

Update: Other blogger reviews via


I just came home from watching United 93. As I start to type this, I am not even sure what to tell you. As I drove home, I tried to rehearse the words I wanted to use to describe this film, and rode next to my wife practically in silence the entire 30 minute drive. The movie was...


As the ending credits roll across the screen, the silence was deafening. You could feel the weight on men's shoulders, as we stepped out to the aisle. It was like walking out of a funeral for a loved one. The cheery AMC employee greeting people as they walked out clashed with the somber mood everyone was feeling. Powerful. This was the word I kept hearing. It will inspire righteous anger in any red-blooded American.

The movie is the most emotionally powerful piece of film I have seen in a long time. The time is right--should have been done earlier. The movie is very well done, and honors the victims with dignity and respect. It is honest. It is real. It is dreadful!

I believe there should be a movie like this made every year from now on. Make one about the firemen, and their courage. Film a movie about pentagon victims. Make one about the NY police. There are so many human stories of bravery, courage, sadness, pain, tears, and hurt.

America needs this movie. We need to be reminded that we are STILL AT WAR, and the enemy has NOT been defeated! America needs to be reminded of the price of complacency.

I thought I would provide a round up of related links. Read up. Check out old articles. Be reminded. Refresh your memory. Never forget.
What other bloggers are saying:
Michelle Malkin
Lots of buzz about the United 93 movie. Readers have been asking for my thoughts. Yes, I will go see it. Yes, I support Hollywood finally coming through with a movie that celebrates the heroism of the passengers and crew. Yes, it's time for this movie.

Hugh Hewitt
My wife and I saw the trailer for United 93 on Saturday night, and it causes a chill and a shudder.

The film will have a profound impact on the country, simply because it will oblige us all to remember the morning of 9/11 as it happened, and not the almost five years of debate and conflicts that have followed.

Mary Katharine Ham
I didn't feel like the movie was exploitative. There are no big stars saving the day single-handedly. There are many flawed, scared men and women who manage to do something very, very brave, but there also is not a lot of sentimentality.

The movie is stark, unadorned. The story speaks for itself. And, the people of Flight 93 and the rest of the victims of 9/11 deserve to have it told.

For all those reasons, it is hard to watch, but you should watch it.
Not everyone--even among conservatives--agrees though:
Doll at Freedom Watch
People need to start thinking instead of just reacting. It is one thing to honor our heroes. It is completely appauling to honor them through profit and gain of material wealth (Hollywood). It is horrid to interject politics in a tragedy unlike no other this country has ever experienced in our history and I pray shall never see again.
Then there are those that see a boogie man behind the release of the film and are scared of its political implications.
boofdah at DailyKos
The preview of this movie stirred up feelings of foreboding and sorrow that I have not felt about 9/11 since the day it happened. I do not doubt that this movie is a heartfelt and reverent tribute to the 9/11 victims of Flight 93.

However, the more-than-coincidental timing of this film's release worries and upsets me immensely. Maybe I'm paranoid and selfish for thinking this way, but I can't get out of my head the notion that Karl Rove, the Republicans, FOX News, and most of all the Bush Administration are going to use this film--regardless of the filmmaker's intentions, whatever they may be--for their own political advantage...just as they have continuously used the memory of the 3,000 dead on 9/11 to justify their other actions.

Aayayay...I had this really snappy sarcastic comment about that last one, but since I am in such a somber mood, I'll just let it speak for itself. While I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, they are right of being concerned as far as political implications. Democrats cannot be trusted with our national security. Do we want John Kerry, or heaven forbid, Hillary Clinton, leading the final leg of the war on terror? Please remember what happened on September 11, and continue to support our troops who are fighting our enemies and making the world a safer place.

Go watch this film. If you go with a lady, take some tissues. Leave the kids at home--this is probably too much for them. Bring the teenagers--remind them that life is about more than me, me, me. After you watch the movie, send a care package to a soldier. Stand taller when the flag waves before you. Sing louder next time you hear the national anthem. America cannot forget.

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Must Read of the Day: Born American, but in the Wrong Place

Amazing article that should be read by all--immigrants or native born. It is a fresh reminder about the greatness of being an American, and the importance of fighting for ou liberty.

Here is an excerpt. It's long, but it is well worth your time.
Born American, but in the Wrong Place

Now, with the revolution failing, came the final straw for my Dad. On one of his trips out to secure some bread, a hand grenade landed next to him but, miraculously, it did not go off. The spark that should have set off that grenade set off my father instead. He came home and announced to my mother that that was it. He said he was going to leave the country whether she would come or not. Mom said, "O.K., William. We will come if Peter agrees. Ask Peter."

My mother tells me, though I don’t remember saying this, that I told my father I would follow him to hell if he asked it of me. Fortunately for my eager spirit, hell was exactly what we were trying to escape and the opposite of what my father sought.

"But where are we going?" I asked.

"We are going to America," my father said.

"Why America?" I prodded.

"Because, son. We were born Americans, but in the wrong place," he replied.

My father said that as naturally as if I had asked him what was the color of the sky. It was so obvious to him why we should head for America. There was really no other option in his mind. What was obvious to him, unfortunately, took me nearly 20 years to learn. But then, I had to "un-learn" a lot of things along the way. How is it that this simple man who had none of the benefits or luxuries of freedom and so-called "education" understood this truth so deeply and so purely and expressed it so beautifully? It has something to do with the self-evidence, as Jefferson put it, of America’s principles.

Diverse Americans Ponder Meaning of National Loyalty

I participated and gave a small contribution to a piece by Newhouse News Service on the meaning of national allegiance. Here is my little part--make sure to read the whole article.
As a son of refugees, I was blessed to be born in this nation. America was founded on the idea that our rights are endowed by the creator -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- regardless of who you are. These are values that transcend my ethnic heritage. I stand loyal to America and the values espoused in the founding documents. My allegiance means that I will continue to believe in and defend what America is and will continue to be -- a great and blessed nation.
Dru Sefton:
You probably missed it last May when President Bush called on you -- well, specifically, "the people of the United States" -- to observe Loyalty Day by reaffirming allegiance to the nation and flying the flag.

In fact, presidents have been doing this since 1959, after a joint resolution of Congress designated May 1 as Loyalty Day.
Let us all celebrate it--one nation under God!

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Miami Herald: Today we change

Via comes news of change at the Miami Herald.
From Miami Herald executive editor Tom Fiedler, sent to the Herald staff via e-mail on April 12, 2006:

To the staff,

All of you who have stepped off an elevator into the Miami newsroom in recent days cannot have missed the wall-mounted flat-screen monitor constantly displaying and refreshing the site.

And if you've attended any of the morning or afternoon news meetings, you will have heard an opening discussion about what's on that site, how many hits each article has received, and what's coming to the site later in the day.

These may seem like the incremental markings of evolutionary change, mere head-nods toward on-line as we continue to think of ourselves as newspaper people first, foremost and -- perhaps for some -- always.

But that cannot continue to be. Today we change. Today, as in NOW.

Make sure to read the entire memo. Val Prieto reacts:

Using the internet and radio and every other source of exposure is fine, but if you really want discerning readers and customers, just cover the news ethically and honestly and keep the biases to yourselves. Dont insult your readers with speculation or innuendo and dont throw in that little statement or jab to "stir up some controversy." We see right through it and the last thing you want to do is insult the very same customer you're trying to attract.

I hope this isnt too much too ask.

And remember there's that new-fangled open source media out here on the net: An Army of Davids monitoring your every move.

Right on, Val! Army of Davids. Maybe the Miami Herald would want to bring some of the BabaluBlog team on board as paid bloggers. That might "stir up some controversy" for sure!

This is why the MSM doesn't get it. Adjusting to the new world and technology is fine, but the problem readers are having has nothing to do with the medium, and everything to do with the outright bias. Let's see what these changes do for them. I'm not holding my breath.

Support a conservative Iraq vet for Congress. Support Van Taylor

Visit | Why This Matters

Chet Edwards is a Democrat representing TX-17, the congressional district the President's Crawford ranch is in. That district also voted for the President by 70% in 2004. That district is very Republican. No one who supports taking away your property and giving it to someone else should be in that seat. A Democrat should not be in that seat.

There is a way to kick Chet Edwards out of Congress. Support Van Taylor. He is a Republican and he is conservative. Van Taylor is also a veteran of the Iraq War.

We can strike a blow for property rights by helping Van Taylor. Let's help him raise $10,000.00. We're almost there. Give what you can give. Add $0.06 to the total to make sure they know where you are coming from.
Got this via email from Casey Phillips, the Campaign Manager for Van Taylor for congress.
...we are so appreciative of the fact that the netroots has gotten behind us. It is a great opportunity to pick up a seat for the GOP. We are also going to be getting earned media out of this.

Let me tell you why else this is important, pure number of donors. Because of this small donation campaign, we are set to pass the incumbent on number of individual contributors, that is HUGE for a challenger.
Join in. Make a difference. Walk the talk.

Update: From krempasky at
...You can't complain about the lack of leading conservatives in Congress. It's that simple. We all have obligations, priorities, budgets and plans. But investing in your politics is important, people. Blogging isn't enough. Commenting isn't enough. Telling your friends, while valuable, isn't enough.

You want influence? Consider this: the biggest PAC in the world can only give $5,000 per election - and you better believe that people notice when Association X makes that kind of committment of support. We're about to do twice that as a community.
I put in my $25.oo -- not much, but it was what I could afford. Don't forget to ad .06 cents to your donation, so they know its from us.

Spanish VAIO FJ Offers Cultural Understanding, Free Jerseys

Interesting link on some smart marketing by Sony VIAO from Gizmodo.
Not quite sure what to make of this VAIO from Sony. Priced at $1,400, it’s got a bunch of “Spanish language” features including, but not limited to, not much that you can’t do during the initial Windows install.

However, it will be available in multiple colors and purchasers can get a personalized soccer jersey. Looks like either a ham-handed attempt to reach out to our Spanish speaking friends or a solution looking for a problem. Que piensas?

A reader thinks its racial stereotyping.

Yay racial stereotypes! "If they speak spanish, the HAVE to love soccer!"

by NotJonGreco
I just call it smart targeting.

Tuesday, April 25

Social Security Administration's Earnings Suspense File (ESF) could be used to enforce the immigration law

Terence Jeffrey has a great column on a great solution to employer immigration law enforcement. This is only part of the solution--employers still have a huge need for labor.

I don't buy the whole "jobs Americans won't do" line, but I do believe there is a bigger labor need than our population can provide. So, enforcement needs to be matched with a secure immigration process that welcomes hard working immigrants ready to make America their home, or wanting to come to work on a temporary basis, and then return home.

Read the whole column--interesting.
I asked the inspector general's office last June for the name of the security guard company and, in October, for the name of the state government agency. Each time, I was given the same answer: Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code prevents the SSA not only from giving the public the names of these employers, but it also prevents SSA from giving their names to the Department of Homeland Security (outside the context of an ongoing criminal investigation).

In his press conference about the IFCO case, Chertoff said he was asking Congress for "carefully crafted access to Social Security no-match data, so that we can detect those employers who are systematically employing workers despite the fact that there's an obvious mismatch between the names and the Social Security numbers in question."

Senate Finance Chairman Charles Grassley, the Iowa Republican, has inserted language into the Senate immigration reform bill that would require SSA to hand over to Homeland Security its annual list of all employers who file 100 or more bad W-2s.

No matter what else the Senate does this year on immigration, this provision should be made law.
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Illegal Immigration -- Would it be worth the cost?

If you added up the costs of illegal immigration--whatever those might be--I wonder if this idea the French are trying would be economicly feasable? Of course, it doesn't address the fact that a large percentage of Central and South Americans come to the US seeking a more secure environment for their families, and the lack of border security.

But, hey--the French are getting desperate. Just pray our problem never gets as bad as they have it. At least the chicano "reconquista" activists aren't resorting to terrorism...yet.
France offers illegal immigrants increased financial incentive to return home
HT: reader, Gideon1789.

State of the Blogosphere

Here is the summary:
  • Technorati now tracks over 35.3 Million blogs
  • The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months
  • It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago
  • On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day
  • 19.4 million bloggers (55%) are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created
  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour
This was interesting.
A better indicator of the growth of the blogosphere than simply the number of new blogs created each day is the rate of postings to those blogs. Daily Posting Volume tracked by Technorati is now over 1.2 Million posts per day, which is about 50,000 posts per hour. The blogosphere also reacts to world events. I've pointed out a number of the spikes in posting volume that have accompanied major news events in the chart below of posting volume.
Check out the chart and the events that went with each spike. I am looking forward to a take-off for blogging in Latin America--it is going to change the entire region! Can you imagine what camera phones and blogs could do in the fight against corruption? It would be a revolution--an Army of Davids sort of revolution.

You got to read the whole thing.

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Reconquista Gathering With Many Photos: The Future of America?

I refuse to accept that this is the future of America, and I can guarantee that America will NEVER allow it. They are waking a slumbering giant. HT: Michelle Malkin

Via Free Republic:
Yesterday, there was a Chicano Park celebration in San Diego attended by thousands. Not much different than the marches and rallies we've witnessed by illegals over the past weeks.

These photos are just a window into the goals and mindset of the Mexicans and others who are currently invading the American Southwest. They are taking back what they claim is theirs. You be the judge.

Do you want maybe 100 million folks like this living amongst us in a generation clamoring for the same nonsense? According to most polls including those on this Forum, most Americans do not want this.

Please alert your Congresscritter now and let's work for secured borders and a sane immigration policy.
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Immigration and Mexico -- More coming soon...

The Orlando Sentinel has an interesting article on the issue of immigration and labor in my home state of Florida. It features an old family friend, who will be guest posting here some interesting thoughts on the issue of illegal immigration, Mexico, and the danger to America.

One of five illegal-immigrant workers in the country is in construction, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Victor Carpintero, 48, of Orlando was one of them.

"I was illegal," he said recently. "I made a very good living, too," doing construction work in California in the 1980s before moving to Florida.

Carpintero's story is common among the nearly 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Originally from Honduras, he entered from Mexico on a tourist visa, overstayed his visa and melted into the vast illegal network.

Now a U.S. citizen, thanks to Reagan administration amnesty, Carpintero speaks out about a "threat to American sovereignty" as a result of the influx of illegal workers, primarily from Mexico.

Tighter borders are needed, he said, but they will not prevent people from entering as long as businesses, agencies, social services and other parts of U.S. society condone and encourage illegal immigrants.

"I am not against immigration. But control it and regulate it to benefit the American citizen. This economy needs immigration, but legal immigration," said Carpintero, now a bus driver in Orlando.
Brought to you by Latino Issues, Victor will be sharing a "blog-book"--published in mini-chapters or segments, made available every couple weeks, and as always, open to your comments and debate. This is going to be an inside look at the situation in Mexico in particular, and illegal immigration in general. We hope to be able to offer a print version in the near future, but we'll see. Here is a preview of the first segment, to be published later today or sometime tomorrow.

To my surprise, I found out just how easy it was to avoid the few and weak immigration laws and its enforcement methods, such that they engender and reinforce attitudes of mockery among illegal immigrants against the US and its institutions.

I had to ask myself, "Would I want to see this happen in my native country--to see millions of foreigners arrive and impose their culture, refuse to speak my language, and demonstrate disdain for my people and country?" My answer was I would not appreciate or like that. Would you appreciate that--to have others do to your native country as they are doing to the US? I would think not.
Victor holds nothing back as he provides an inside like--as an outside in Mexico--of the anti-American sentiments taught to Mexican children, and will offer suggested solutions to the mounting problem. Victor's posts are written in an eloquent Spanish, and I do the translation and editing to English. To be clear--Victor speaks a decent English, but finds it easier to write his thoughts in Spanish, hence the arrangement.

Whenever a new segment is published, you will see the above graphic at the head of the blog post. So, make sure to watch for that headline, and sign up for an rss feed to make sure you don't miss it.

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Power Line: Video Volunteers Wanted

If you have a camera, check the details out here.

On May 1, illegal immigration activists are calling for a strike and related activities (or non-activities, like not buying anything). Demonstrations are scheduled for many cities in conjunction with the strike; the complete list is here. The day's events should be interesting from a number of perspectives. Immigration activists are divided over the strike tactic, and some have urged illegals not to participate. Conflicts have developed over leadership of the "movement," with some leaders trying to distance themselves from International ANSWER. Some activists want to preserve the mischievous toddlers image; others present quite a different picture.

Once again, we are asking for volunteers to participate in gathering raw news data in the form of video footage. This time, we are expanding on our initial experiment. We don't want to give away too much, but production of the finished video will be supervised by a professional filmmaker.

If you are willing to commit to shoot a rally or other events in your locality, please send us an email--not to our general mailbox, but to
They list the major events they would like covered in NY, LA, and San Francisco. If you are out there, go for it.

HT: Hot Air.

FRC to Hold Discussion on Illegal Immigration

While I'm on the subject of FRC and immigration, here is something you might be interested in if you are in the beltway area.
FRC will host a Family Policy Panel Discussion entitled: Faith, Culture, and Law in the Immigration Debate. Participants include Senator Sam Brownback, Congressman Tom Tancredo, and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Jr. among other prominent figures. Sign up today as space is limited for this special event.
Here is more information, including a guest speaker list. Its a diverse group of people, so the debate should be lively and interesting. I wish I could be there, but I think I'll only be able to see it via the streaming feed.

Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS)

Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO-6)

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Jr.
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Richard Land
Southern Baptist Convention

Joan M. Maruskin
Church World Service
Immigration and Refugee Program

John O'Sullivan
Hudson Institute

Brent A. Wilkes
(League of United Latin American Citizens)

Mark Krikorian
Center for Immigration Studies

Event Venue:

Family Research Council
801 G St. NW
Washington, D.C.

FRC is near the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro
(Follow signs for "Exit to Galleries," 9th and G Sts.).

Other Event Details:

Thursday, April 27, 2006
9:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Complimentary Lunch Served

Please R.S.V.P. via the web or phone by noon, April 26th if you plan to attend.

Phone: 800-225-4008

This lecture will be videocast live from the FRC website.

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Survey Results: Value Votes Immigration Survey

The results are in via FRC. Make sure to read the whole thing. Here are a few that caught my attention.

To values voters, judicial activism continues to be a priority.

1. In order of importance, with number "1" being the most important issue, and number "5" the least important, and using only one number for each issue, where would you rank the following issues?

Judicial activism


Reforming health care


Protecting man-woman marriage


Protecting human life from abortion


Stopping illegal immigration


Interesting. For all the religious groups that are involved in the mass rallies, it is clear that there are plenty of good people of faith that find enforcement of our laws consistent with the Judeo-Christian worldview. I would have liked to have seen this question posed about legal immigration--Legal immigrants enter the United States as strangers searching for a better life for themselves and their families and they should be welcomed. What do you think? Leave your vote in the comments section.

3. My view of the requirements of Christian discipleship accords best with the following statement about illegal immigrants:

Illegal immigrants enter the United States as strangers searching for a better life for themselves and their families and they should be welcomed, not punished or sent home.


Illegal immigrants should be treated humanely, but they are breaking properly enacted laws and they should be detected, arrested, and returned to their country of origin.


The message is clear--secure the border.

6. The United States Congress should, if necessary, build a border fence along the U.S. - Mexican border and deploy U.S. armed forces:

Strongly Agree








Strongly Disagree


The survey is still open, so head on over and put in your vote.

Thousands of Value Voters have taken FRC's Survey on Immigration, designed to elicit how social conservatives view key issues in this critical debate. If you have not made your voice heard, please click here to take the Value Voters Immigration Survey.

If you have already taken the survey, please refer your friends and family to it so they may take part. Though informal, this survey offers some of the first public results of a sampling of views of American "values voters." Please note, these numbers will be updated as new survey responses are received.
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Sunday, April 23

From the women and children of the people of the U.S.A.

Got this via email today.

The flawless English tells me they evidently have the support and help of American non-profits. Its interesting to say the least. From what I can tell, there some good work going on in support of these "widowed" women. I'm going to try to get in touch with some of these women directly and get more.

I have said it before--these are the victims of our convuluted immigration policy and lack of enforcement backbone. Click here and read the transalated messages from wives, mothers, and sisters begging for the return of their men.
Please: Close the United States Border to Illegal Migration. Help us to Keep Our Husbands Home with our Families

Dear friends in the United States....

We are Mexican women from villages in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero.

Our brothers and husbands have left us for work in the US.

We strongly support closing the US-Mexico border to illegal entry.

We did not want our men to leave and we want them to return to us.

As we struggle as women, against the difficulty of our situation, we focus all effort on building a business to sustain ourselves and our children.

But we need the help of our husbands and our brothers to re-unite our families and to help us develop economic opportunity in the traditional fashion jewelry production industry that is the heritage of our parents.

Please close the US Border to illegal migration and send our men home to us. Thank you.

Best wishes from Mexico to all persons of good will.

We should continue to be friends and respect each other.


Eusebia Flores
Artcamp Artesanas Campesinas
Tecalpulco, Municipio de Taxco de Alarcon; Guerrero, Mexico
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