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Chavez Power Grab: Venezuelan Constitutional Changes Approved

This week's Economist had a short blurb  in the "The World This Week" section on how the Venezuelan National Assembly -- all Chavez cronies -- unanimously approved the constitutional change that removes term limits on Chavez. How surprising! And all it took them was 6 hours of debate. Hugo Chavez and his enablersindeed! An Aug 16th article also on the Economist had more details on the Venezuelan Constitutional changes. The plan to abolish presidential term limits is part of a bundle of constitutional changes unveiled by Mr. Ch├ívez on August 15th. These would remove the last remaining checks and balances to presidential power in Venezuela. They would strip the Central Bank of all autonomy, allowing the government to spend the country's foreign reserves. The government would be given power to expropriate private property by decree, and to promote co-operatives and state enterprise. Perhaps in the midst of these dark days for Venezuela, there i…

On NPR's "Tell Me More" -- Obama's Miami-Herald Op-Ed

I’ll be talking about Obama’s Miami Herald op-ed, the Univision debate and other political subjects. Read more here.
Update: You can check out Michelle Martin's Tell Me More blog right here. I had a great time talking with Michelle, as always! I believe the audio will be available online around noon.

Crossposted on my blog.

You can listen to the audio clip of the segment of Tell Me More.Tell Me More, August 24, 2007 · In this week's political chat, Bloggers Marisa Trevino, of, and Josue Sierra of discuss Sen. Barack Obama's pronouncements on Cuba policy, which White House hopefuls are confirmed to attend a fall presidential forum sponsored by the Spanish-language television network, Univision and, overall, what the candidates must do to appeal to Latino voters.On the subject of Obama's Miami Herald op-ed, and the Cuba embargo, check out for real good analysis of the South Florida community and voting tre…

FW: Help in the media war: Freedom's Watch

Just a heads up on the media war. Check out the links below. Folks:

Just a quick note to draw your attention to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that is launching today on our side of the debate.

The campaign's sponsor, Freedom's Watch,  is a brand-new organization with a brand-new website that you can visit here. From their press release:
August 22, 2007, (Washington, D.C.)—Today a new organization named Freedom’s Watch announced it is launching a nationwide grassroots campaign aimed at ensuring Congress continues to fully fund the troops with the ultimate goal of victory in the War on Terror. Freedom’s Watch will spend approximately $15 million on radio and television ads as well as grassroots activities from now thru mid-September and has partnered with a host of veteran’s organizations in an effort to ensure terrorism is confronted all over the world.

I'd encourage everyone to visit the Freedom's Watch site and watch…

Governor Romney On Senator Obama's Cuba Succession Policy

Quick and rapid response from Romney campaign on Obama's short-sighted Cuba Succession Policy. Good job Romney campaign! Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 1:14 PM
Subject:  PRESS RELEASE: Governor Romney On Senator Obama's Cuba Succession Policy

August 21, 2007


Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on Senator Barack Obama's Cuba succession policy, outlined today in the Miami Herald:

"Senator Barack Obama continues to demonstrate through his words that he does not have the strength to confront America's enemies or defend our values. First, Senator Obama said he would make it a priority to meet with Castro in his first year in office. Now, he's proposing that we begin to lift sanctions against the Castro regime. Unilateral concessions to a dictatorial regime are counterproductive, helping to secure a succession of pow…

The Missing Headlines

The AP headline this morning says, "Immigration Activist Deported to Mexico." It goes on to tell you what a brave cause she struggled for, and made sure to even give you the tear-jerker details on how she left her son behind. Her 8-year-old son, Saul, is now living with Coleman's family. During a news conference in Los Angeles after Arellano's arrest, the boy hid behind the pastor's wife and wiped away tears. But just in case you lose sight of what the real story is, let me remind you... Arellano, 32, arrived in Washington state illegally in 1997. She was deported to Mexico shortly afterward, but returned and moved to Illinois in 2000, taking a job cleaning planes at O'Hare International Airport.She was arrested in 2002 at O'Hare and convicted of working under a false Social Security number. She was to surrender to authorities last August but instead sought refuge at the church on Aug. 15, 2006.False Social Security number, b…