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"Sicko" documentary is banned in Cuba

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This latest news from inside Cuba is that Michael Moore's "ill intentioned documentary" Sicko amounts to nothing more than communist propaganda, and has been banned from viewing.  Clearly, Moore's place in history has been cemented as that of a willing puppet of the Cuban dictatorship.

The article reprinted below was written originally in English, with thanks to Dr. Roberto A. Galloso for the English translation. I read the Spanish version, and the translation is accurate.

I want to call your attention to the extensive list of Cuban government officials and even medical staff who regularly go to France, England and Spain for medical treatment -- not exactly a vote of confidence in the Cuban healthcare system. I agree that there is much that could be done to improve our healthcare system--starting with tort reform! But, read this article and ask yourself, "Am I sure I want a socialized, government-controlled healthcare…

GOP doing a better job of reaching out to Hispanics

This is great news published today by the Associated Press. But it also shows that there is still a lot of work to be done by conservatives in spreading the conservative message.Democrats hold an edge with Hispanics in national elections, but Latinos' growing tendency to register as independents and split their vote between parties is buoying Republican prospects for 2008.

Younger and college-educated Hispanics in particular offer fertile ground for the GOP, new data show. And while no one suggests Republicans have become the party of choice for the nation's fastest-growing minority, Democrats have been gradually losing ground.I can still remember the nice older lady in my church in Miami who kept going around telling everyone that Bush was going to take away retiree's benefits, and that they all needed to vote for Gore. Somebody had to give her a little reality check and a scolding for believing everything she heard on TV!

        Economic and gene…

Shunning Tancredo: Hewitt Analyzes Tancredo Campaign

Hugh Hewitt offers an interesting perspective on the Tancredo campaign. A lot of Iowa voters are expected to cast ballots for Tom Tancredo at the Ames straw poll this week. Until recently a vote for Tancredo would have been understood as a vote against indifference to illegal immigration and for the idea of deportation. But the general and instant rejection of the proposed immigration "reform" bill undercut Tancredo's candidacy as all of the leading GOPers came out against the bill and managed to do so without sounding nativist in the least degree. Suddenly you could be for strong borders and coherent regularization without being for Tancredo, and his "protest" candidacy sputtered, and then began to bomb, burdened as well by Tancredo's own debate performances. Ron Paul became the marginal candidate with the biggest band. Read Hugh's full post here. Hugh is not holding back, and based on his recent comments, I tend to agre…

RealClearPolitics: The Democrats Dither on Trade

The backtracking on free trade in South America has been among the frustrating news for me coming out of the beltway. Considering how the economic downturns in Latin America affect us through the increase in illegal immigration, I would think more Americans would be fighting for this one as loudly as they fought for the failed Immigration legislation. Democratic presidential candidates like to talk about "turning a page" in America's relations with the rest of the world. But what does that mean, in practical terms, on bread-and-butter issues such as trade? Are today's Democrats a party of open markets and economic development, or of market restrictions and job protection?The answer is that leading Democrats seem to want both -- they favor economic development overseas but not at the cost of U.S. jobs. That sounds like a coherent position until you begin to look carefully at the political choices in Latin America, a part of the world where …

In My Inbox: What America's STILL Saying About The Stolen Immigration Vote

I  got this in my email today. It speaks for itself. What America’sStill Saying About The Stolen Immigration Vote “… Democrats ruled that a GOP motion had failed even though, when the gavel fell, the electronic score board showed it winning 215-213 along with the word FINAL.”“Democrats undid a vote they had lost over the issue of subsidies to illegal immigrants … you don't change or ‘fix’ the score after the game has been played.”“Even [Democrat Rep. Rick] Larsen, who voted with his party, wasn't certain how the roll call moved that night. ‘I looked up and the board had changed,’ he said.”
The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund: “The House of Representatives almost turned into the Fight Club Thursday night, when Democrats ruled that a GOP motion had failed even though, when the gavel fell, the electronic score board showed it winning 215-213 along with the word FINAL. The presiding officer, Rep. Mike McNulty (D., N.Y.), actually spoke…