Wednesday, June 14

Setting Priorities -- Christianity, capitalism, compassion, and sex.

Worth a read.

Coulter "more unapologetically than any other pundit at her level of fame and access to the airwaves."

Coming from Focus on the Family, and knowing how cautious they are about appearances of endorsements, this is what I would call a strong endorsement. Here is what Citizen Editor had to say about Godless:
There'’s plenty of this sort of sauciness in the 281 pages that make up Godless, too, but this is the first of her books where it isn'’t the stuff you'’ll remember most after you'’ve read it. I'm not sure if that means there are fewer cracks about Michael Moore's weight, Ted Kennedy's driving and Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretions than in her previous works, only that there'’s a lot more meaningful meat to her other observations and arguments -- and a lot more personal revelation, too. Here, for the first time, Coulter comes across not just as someone who'’s not in their camp, but as someone who is in ours.

Sure, she doesn'’t defend the pro-family cause exactly the way we would. But she is defending it more unapologetically than any other pundit at her level of fame and access to the airwaves. That, at the very least, is worth a "“thank you" from most of us in the movement.

Tuesday, June 13

Quote if the day

Sorry blogging has been very slow in the last week. I have been on deadline working on a project for my employer.
But, for now, here is a good quote I got in my in-box from CitizenLink.

"All power is inherent in the people." - Thomas Jefferson, 1824