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Showing posts from January 15, 2006

High Profile Mexican Politician Launches Blog: Sends English Language Press Release

I received a very interesting press release today that leaves me with more questions than answers. The release reads, "Gabriela Cuevas [Spanish language site], a high-profile member of Mexico City's Legislative Assembly, announced today the launch of her new blog, the first by an individual politician in Mexico:".
Cuevas, a former federal congresswoman, says "the blog not only will provide regular information on the capital's Legislative Assembly, but also on the impact of broader social and political developments that will have an impact upon all Mexicans -- inside and outside of Mexico -- as well as ripple effects throughout the Western Hemisphere." The blog will devote particular attention to the implications of Mexico's presidential election in July. As profiled in a recent Wall Street Journal cover story, Cuevas gained national and international prominence at age 26 as a strong critic of Lopez Obrador and his recor…

Father Morris on Fox: Chavez Revolution Not Working

Father Jonathan Moriss was just on Fox News, and cited the fallen bridge that connects Caracas to the coastline and main airport, as clear proof that the Revolution is not working.

Global Voices Online has more, including some interesting graphics, and links to what the bloggers have been saying about this.Venezuelan bloggers are buzzing about this event, which is seen as an economical catastrophe for the country. The government official statement indicates that the bridge collapsed because rainfall within the last week. Venezuelans received such a statement with emotional reactions going from relentless laughter to anger, since the disaster had been announced long ago. The first study reporting landslides affecting the viaduct structure was published on 1987, and experts have been advising the building of an alternate route, and the closing of this highway for major maintenance works since at least 2000. Rodolfo Rico highlights the cynicism of vice-President Rangel's remarking on …

Your World w/Cavuto Reporting on Chavez and Venezuela

Cavuto is talking about Venezuela on Fox right now, and had some very good first-hand interviews and reporting. He is talking to Father Jonathan Morris, who called him a dictator and called it for what it is. He also pointed out who the real victims are--the poor who are supporting Chavez, who's pockets are still empty. Father Jonathan Morris was in Venezuela recently.

Check it out--its going on right now.

I'm Now a Beltway Blogger!! (...for what it's worth.)

So, as of 10 a.m. yesterday, I am officially living inside the beltway! After a fast interview and hiring process, I will be joining the Salem Communications team.

I don't have much detail to offer now, but I am sure there will be more forthcoming in the near future. I would encourage all of my readers to head on over to and subscribe for the daily "Daily Commentary" email. You can read it via email, or on the web site, as well as hear it on the daily podcast. The Weekend Journal offers great audio as well, perfect for the iPod.
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