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CAFTA Approved by the Senate

Now comes the battle in the house. I'v blogged about this before, but I have to repeat myself. The problem of imigration will be solved as Central American countries start doing something about their economic problems. Overall, I think this is a great idea. I am all for free trade. Maybe now we can start paying less for sugar. Maybe now US agrigulture can start being more inovative and competitive.The vote was 54-45 in favor of the Central America Free Trade Agreement, setting the stage for a final battle in the House, where the agreement's many critics have vowed to defeat it. The House vote, probably in July, is too close to call. "The stakes could hardly be higher," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a supporter. "It's important because at stake is the future of Central America in its economic and political dimensions and hence its security dimensions."

Communism: Good Money for the "El Viejo"

I guess Fidel Castro is doing ok. Forbes lists Castro as one of the richest in the world, right up there with the Queen of England. I bet he didn't like the attention. It was hard to figure it out, but it seems they managed to throw some numbers together.
In the past, we have relied on a percentage of Cuba's gross domestic product to estimate Fidel Castro's fortune. This year we have used more traditional valuation methods, comparing state-owned assets Castro is assumed to control with comparable publicly traded companies. A reasonable discount was then applied to compensate for the obvious disclosure issues.

Downward Drift of American Constitutional Jurisprudence

I don't care that he is a Hispanic. I want the constitution preserved! Am I the only Hispanic that dares say this? Kristol at the The Weekly Standard hit it on the nail. Let's hope the second part of this prediction does not come true.
A Gonzales nomination would, in my view, virtually forfeit any chance in the near term for a fundamental reversal in the downward drift of American constitutional jurisprudence. But I now think it is more likely than not to happen.

First things First

To me, the principles of the constitution are more important that racial loyalty. I am a United States citizen first, a Hispanic second. I have a problem with Alberto Gonzalez, first of all because my understanding is that Roe-vs-Wade distorted and beyond and outside the intent and guidelines of the constitution. There is no right to an abortion in the Constitution. Personally, I do not understand how he can morally justify abortion. But, I know many do. Nevertheless, I voted for Bush, and expect him to nominate a conservative, originalist judge to the court. Gonzales would not be such man, if it is true that his record has been in favor of abortion rights. Maybe I'm missing information. You tell me.
For more than a week, a veritable torrent has tipped Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as President Bush's first nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. It has sent the conservative movement into spasms of fear and loathing. Gonzales long has been unacceptable to anti-abortion activi…

Decoding the Activists

From the Arizona Republic:
In Utah, Latino activists angry about a new law that bars undocumented immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses, called for work stoppages and business boycotts. Others are organizing a day of public service.
Here is my professional translation:

In Utah, self-righteous Latino Lib-wackos, angry about a new law that actually dared to bar undocumented immigrants (individuals who broke and circumvented the law, the will of the people, and the decisions of democratically elected representatives) from obtaining a driver's license, called for a work stoppages (just like they do in third world countries, causing serious damage to their homelands economies) and business boycotts. Others are organizing a day of public service.

Seriously though, I don't mean disrespect for the hard working immigrants all over this country. I just cannot justify illegal immigration within my worldview. Immigrants are important to our economy. For the most part, I see immigran…

CAFTA Faces a Battle in House

Maybe US sugar producers should stop taking hand-outs from the government, and actually improve their business processes and get more competitive. How is it possible that we pay more for sugar than the global average? That is ridiculous!

U.S. sugar producers are dead-set against CAFTA because it would cut back
U.S. quotas that block most foreign sugar from the U.S. market. American
farmers produce more than 80 percent of the sugar that's consumed in the
United States. U.S. farmers whose corn, beets and cane are turned into sugar
want to keep things that way, though U.S. consumers pay more for sugar than
the global average as a result. We have discussed border security and the huge problem of illegal immigration. Well, here is part of the possible solution. CAFTA would help Central American countries improve their economies. Ultimately, this is good for us. Central America may not be a great source of imports right now, but keeping out neighbor's economies stable and strong is always…

What about the Will of the People?

To be expected, the Spanish government went against the overwhelming demonstrations, and passed the pro gay-marriage legislation. Chalk up Spain to the list of countries playing social experimentations. Let's hope the Spanish Family Forum maintains the energy they have shown so far.
The Spanish Family Forum, which on June 18 convened tens of thousands of people for a march against the law, on Monday called a new demonstration for June 29, when it will present "more than a million signatures" against the gay-marriage bill.

Why Must Everything Be Regulated?

Reports say that Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub told witnesses that virtually everyone agrees that online political Web sites and blogs should not be subjected to harsh
regulations. The question she asked is: "What is the best way for us to regulate bloggers?"

The question I ask is, "Why Regulate"? Unless it is illegal, such as child porn, terrorism, or such already covered by current laws, why must political blogs be regulated?

Read the full prepared remaks by Krempasky for the FEC.

Illegals Are Not Just Hispanics -- But the Problem is In Mexico

Will someone do something about our borders!! How many more people have to die for our politicians to do something? And don't write me emails tell me about how racist I am about Hispanics--I am a Hispanic born of immigrants! This is so much more than just a Hispanic issue. This is more than racial tensions or hang-ups. This is about security for our citizens. This is about ensuring we, the citizens and tax payers of this country, are not paying the costs of third-world country's corruption-born social and economic ills. What are we--a global Welfare center?

Read the NY Times article that got me steaming!

Brazilians Streaming Into U.S. Through Mexican Border

BRAƃšNAS, Brazil - For years, Jaider de Andrade, a 35-year-old farm worker, talked about going to the United States to look for work, and early in March he finally agreed to a trafficker's offer to fly him to Mexico and have him guided across the border there. By month's end, though, he was back home her…

Hispanic Baby Boom

I have said it before, but all the evidence points to the fact that Hispanics will be paying for a bigger chunk of the sinking Social Security fund. Here are the reasons why the Hispanics demographic is becoming more and more important.

But, not to be one-sided; Hispanics need to wake up, start paying attention, and prepare to properly engage as a political and social influence. Truth is, Hispanics do not have a good history of electing great leaders (just look at Latin American Political History; It's sad). My biggest concern is that Hispanics within the US have an entitlement mentality. While most Hispanics are hard working, the Liberals and big government ideals will culturally destroy us.

Nevertheless, the parties better start listening closer. Corporate American better move beyond the token attempt at reaching Hispanics, and get serious about diversity (not because of some feel-good reason--I'm talking about pure economics here). I would like to see how the 501(c)4's wi…

Illegal Imigrant = Hispanic ??

Here is someone that does not make the automatic assumption, and the Democrats just get all defensive. Who is assuming what?
A May 27 story in the Greeley Tribune quoted Allard as saying the more illegal immigration there is, "the more crime you have." The story was about his opposition to a bill that would allow undocumented workers to apply for permanent residency.
Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak called on Allard to apologize and assailed his remarks as "another example of Republican attitudes toward the Latino community." Allard said Tuesday that his comments to the paper were taken out of context. He said he was referring to smugglers who abandon or enslave illegal immigrants and are involved in drug and crime rings. He said he never mentioned ethnicity and, in fact, based his remarks on media accounts of the plight of women and children from around the world. "I think the chair of the Democratic Party owes an apology to the Hispanic commu…

EMINENT DOMAINED: Take Justice Souter's House for Hotel

Now this is precious!! Drudge Report linked to a press release anouncing an application submitted to NH city council to condemn Justice Souter's House for Hotel. Read it here. So, it has nothing related to Latinos, but it was to good to pass over.
Weare, New Hampshire (PRWEB) Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? A new ruling by the Supreme Court which was supported by Justice Souter himself itself might allow it. A private developer is seeking to use this very law to build a hotel on Souter's land.

Justice Souter's vote in the "Kelo vs. City of New London" decision allows city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another if the government will generate greater tax revenue or other economic benefits when the land is developed by the new owner.

On Monday June 27, Logan Darrow Clements, faxed a request to Chip Meany the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire seeking to star…

Hispanic Baby-Boom--Rising political affluence

If last election is any indicator, the Hispanic population will be as divided as the rest of the national. The evangelical and Catholic church really mobilized this last election, and are doing a better job in regards to voter education on conservative values issues. The Liberals just don't have a message, and no doubt Hispanics will start picking up on this. Welfare mentality and big government can only go so far. But, the Republican party better get their act together and start showing some leadership if they are going to take a lead in capturing this key demographic. Knight Ridder has a story on research results.
WASHINGTON - A Hispanic baby boom could surge into American politics in the next few years, adding to the growing political clout of the nation's largest minority group, a new study predicted Monday. Two demographic trends are merging to produce the boom - immigration and a higher birthrate among Hispanic women than the rest of the population. Of America's enti…

Talking about the supreme Court -- No Rehnquist Announcement

So, speculation will continue as the court adjourned today without any word from Rehnquist about his retirement. USA today has an article on it.
The Supreme Court adjourned Monday without a retirement announcement from any justice, but speculation remains that Chief Justice William Rehnquist, or perhaps even another court member, will retire soon. This is dumb. I just started reading Men in Black. Way to many justices are staying on the job beyond what they should. Not that I don't like Rehnquist, but he needs to retire already, and allow Bush the opportunity to appoint his successor. Check out the book--Men in Black. It's a great read.

Bush Would Like to Name First Hispanic to Top Court

This would be good for our country, good for Hispanics, and good for the unborn! Let's hope it actually happens, and the Senate doesn't filabuster the nomination.
Top Bush administration officials are already interviewing potential nominees with the expectation that Rehnquist may step down as early as next week.

White House officials and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who helped the president come up with dozens of pro-life nominees for appeals and district courts, are vetting the possible selections.

Bush has said he would like to name the first Hispanic to the nation's top court and several pro-life nominees have been mentioned as possibilities, including Samuel Alito, a federal appeals court judge in Philadelphia.Read the full article at

Clash of values in Italy

Legislation in Italy is being challenged:
Italians began voting Sunday in an emotionally charged four-part referendum on fertility treatment and embryo research that will test the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and its newly elected pope, Benedict XVI. As two days of voting that could repeal a restrictive law on assisted procreation began, the big question was whether a minimum turnout of 50 percent of eligible voters would be reached. If not, the referendums would be null and void.As expected, the Liberal Media is going all out to push their agenda.
The referendum run-up has sparked the most heated moral debate since divorce and abortion were legalized in the 1970s. Priests have used pulpits to rally the faithful behind the slogan: "Life cannot be put to a vote: don't vote."

While leftist newspapers on Sunday promoted a yes vote, the Catholic Avvenire paper's first page read: "An embryo is not a curl of matter but the start of the life of each of us.&q…

The Difference Between Legal and Illegal immigration

Here is another great letter to the Magic City Morning Star. I agree with this gentleman's assessment of what are the issues here.
Legal immigration is the means by which we think all immigration should take place. Period. Immigration policy and quotas should be set by the American voter or their representatives in accordance with the prevailing American interest.While I agree that it is the decision of the American voter, I do hope the American voter would not react and respond to irrational fears. I do like Mr. Donnelly's thinking on this--creating legal immigration quotas does nothing for illegal immigration. It probably only creates a greater demand for the illegal alien smugglers (coyotes). Mr. Donnelly continues;
We would like our immigration laws enforced, all of them, now. Period. We think the law should be applied in spite of race, not because of it. In fact, our opposition, the Latino activists and politicians seeks to create a protected class on the basis sole…

Imigration: One cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Here is a great letter on the Magic City Morning Star.

On your statement of "Those of the Minuteman-like groups who argue their position Beg the Question because they assume the dump truck of statistical speculation they dump into your lap really supports their contention that ALL "Legal/Illegal Mexican Migrant Workers" are: (all criminally motivated)"

The reality is Doug, we cannot have it both ways. We either address them all, which includes mainly nice (but illegal) families, or we address none of them, which include illegal alien gang-bangers, terrorists and drug lords. So far, it is we (The U.S.) basically address none of it.

We cannot differentiate between the two.

In the Denver shooting, if you were to ask Raul’s Gomez-Garcia’s employer or Raul's Los Angeles family, or his Denver girlfriend, he would be considered a real nice guy. If you were to ask Detective Young’s wife (now widow), or the Denver PD, he is a NOT nice guy. It is all in the perspective. One …

What About Conservative Hispanics?

Can a conservative Hispanics win an election in the west coast? It's good to see Hispanics getting involved, and participating in the political process. But, I wonder if someone like me could win an election? I know I possibly could in South FL, where conservative Cubans have a strong presence, but what about cities like LA, NY or even here in Colorado?

I am concerned that there is much to much anger out there among Hispanic political activists. Negative politics never helped anyone, and to stand on a platform of "what is wrong" won't fix anything. Where are the real honest solutions to the complex problems of our communities? The truth is that Hispanic leadership will not solve the problems and challenges of the Hispanic communities on their own. Integration, understanding, and adoption of the classic American Dream is essential for success.

This is not just an American value--it is a true classic judeo-Christian value system that engendered western civilization. It&#…