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Honduras News Round Up

A site I like to check once in a while is Honduras This Week. While it tends to be a bit left-leaning, I have noticed a great improvement in their stories over the last year. Here are a couple that are of interest, considering what has been happening in the news, and give you a good inside-look at whats happening in Honduras.
"A historic occasion." That is how CAFTA negotiators Regina Vargo and Melvin Redondo chose to describe the coming into force of the US-Central American Free Trade Agreement on April 1st.They were two of the speakers at a CAFTA forum organized last Monday by the newspaper El Heraldo and the US Embassy. By Anette Emanuelsson
Since I have worked a lot with short term missions, I thought this was interesting.
The culture of running short-term missions to under-privileged countries is fast becoming a phenomenon. Estimates suggest that between one and four million people per year - mostly from North America - travel abroad to lend their support to needy communities. It is widely thought to be greatly beneficial to those who receive the help, but a recent study by Kurt Ver Beek, Professor of Sociology at Calvin College, has challenged the simplicity of that view. Ver Beek's intention is not to dissuade people from embarking upon such projects, rather that changes need to be made in order to improve the long-term impact of them. By Hannah Green
Reading through it, it strikes me as a bit of liberal thinking. I know for a fact that the organizations I work with work very hard at teaching personal responsibility. The last thing Honduras needs is hundreds of communities developing a dependency on Americans' charity. Charity is good, and in moments of crisis, the right and Christian thing to do. But the researcher seems more interested in developing a continuous pipeline of financial support. This sort of thinking is crippling to third world countries!
Ver Beek is adamant that ''the week they spend here is not as important as what they do when they return home''. He believes that their commitment to educating friends and family back in North America or Europe about what is needed in countries such as Honduras is of utmost importance.
Talking about liberal policy decisions, IADB is announcing it is going to cancel the debt to Honduras and other third world countries. HTW reports (top right corner):
At a meeting in Brazil on Tuesday fifteen Hispanic legislators of the US House of Representatives claimed that the move will aid development in the countries involved and help to halt illegal migration into the USA.

They added that this must be done 'without imposing economic conditions and with urgency since the delay costs lives'.
What these US representatives SHOULD be doing is putting pressure on third world country governments, and providing assistance, in getting rid of corruption! Debt forgiveness without reform conditions is only an incentive for further debt and corruption. These sort of policies continue to enslave the regular folks who desperately want to be able to work and provide for their families, but can't be competitive because of the corruption in the system.

Meanwhile, the Zelaya government is making the mistake of promising fuel price freeze for the next two weeks. Union bosses continue to incite strikes, putting pressure on the government to reverse common sense free market policies.

Don't tell me capitalism doesn't work when you are not really practicing free market economic policies. Don't tell me capitalism hurts the underclass, if you are going to let bully union bosses dictate economic policy, further crippling the national economy.

Cuba accuses Mexican authorities of human trafficking

Today is the first time I read about this story. Anyone else know more? I searched BabaluBlog, but could not find a reference--did I miss something? These are American citizens, which makes me wonder what is the American interest section doing about it?
Havana, Cuba, April 7, 2006 (AFP) - This Thursday Cuba accused the Mexican authorities in Quintana Roo of being involved in an aborted human trafficking operation, which left one dead person and another wounded. This reaffirms the reports that there is a complex network that uses Mexico as an illegal bridge to the US.

Mexican and Cuban media "have reported the growing human trafficking of Cubans through Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and other places in Quintana Roo to the US," stated an official document released on Thursday by the newspaper "Granna."

In that operation, "Cuban-origin 'balseros,' Mexican fishermen, authorities from that Mexican state, and people from the anti-Cuban mafia living there and that have contacts in Miami" are implicated.

The document added that the ship that was captured, with Florida registration number, belongs to American John Roberto, Cuban-origin, and that calls himself "Tiburon Azul" (blue shark), "who has been linked to Cuban people traffic from Pinar del Rio to Mexico."

According to the report, since the ship offered resistance, the Cuban Border-keeper Troops fired at it. This left one person dead and another wounded, who was arrested along with another person on board.

The arrested are American-naturalized Cubans Rafael Mesa Fariñas, and Rosendo Salgado Castro. Their passports "had the authorization to get into Quintana Roo," for March 13 and 29 respectively.
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Washington Post -- The Left, Online and Outraged

Hugh Hewitt says this about the left, in response to a Washington Post article:
The left has become disfigured because the excess that dominates the lefty blogs is absorbed by rank-and-file activists and encouraged by the Democratic Party leadership, which embraces, posts at and praises the blogs that are among the angriest and most vulgar/profane/hate-filled.

The collapse of the left's ability to engage in politics will continue and in fact accelerate unless and until the leaders of the Democratic Party rebuke the party's activist base and its spokesmen, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The best thing the GOP has going for it in November, 2006 and in the presidential campaign to follow is the fury of the unhinged left. The vast majority of Americans reject politics of this sort, but there's no hiding what the left has become or the Democrats' endorsement of it.

Irrational. Bullies. It's to bad, because it takes away from what could and should be healthy discourse. But, they are the ones that are being left out. There is plenty of diversity of opinions and views on the right, and within the GOP. It's what keeps conservatives healthy and engaged.

Trying to rest -- Immigration round up

I'm at the in-laws, so I am really going to try to stay away from the blog today.

For all the immigration junkies, here is a round up of links provided by Michelle Malkin. Check out blog and great posts on what is going on around the world this Easter weekend.

Patterico takes on an open borders propagandist at the Los Angeles Times.

Tim Graham takes on the open borders coverage at the Washington Post.

Ben Johnson decodes the MSM's immigration doublespeak.

The New York Times recycles old news to decry law enforcement officials trying to--gasp!--enforce immigration laws.

John O'Sullivan examines "No Illegal Alien Left Behind" politics.

I'v been reading up on the Hilton and the Fran O'Brien's story--if you haven't, you must read all about it. Bad PR can come in an instant in today's blogosphere. There is a lesson for the world's corporations in this.

Have a blessed weekend.

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How not to do grassroots blogger campaigns

Update 2: Email response from DarkSyde:
I didn't post this out of fairness. I may next time you screw up though if my interest hasn't faded and I'm already losing interest: And there will be no link included to your blog in that event, simply a brutal takedown with links and references with you playing leading man.
On short, you're quite simply as wrong as you can be. I've sent a total of two emails and both were to conservative bloggers whose past entries indicated to me they held reasonable views. You were one of them.
Lesson 1: Read and know the political perspective and if possible, party affiliation, of the bloggers you are trying to reach

How to do it: Um, reading the bloggers you are going to be requesting support from my be helpful..
Lesson 2: Don't sterotype and don't assume. Just because I am of Latino heritage, does not mean I support open borders, illegal immigration, or anything liberal or left-wing for that matter.
I would ask the same of you. You most definitely did follow the precise path you incorrectly ascribed to me. I do not support open borders nor am I a classic liberal by any means. You simply assumed I was a 'leftie' or a 'liberal' merely because I blog at Daily Kos.

All this is easily available on my homepage or you could have asked me. It is you who failed to do your homework in what I can only guess is projection or arrogance, a propensity which seems to infect the perverse incarnation of conservative values you strangely support.

That would be no big deal, after all I'm a pro and you're just a part timer. But you decided to gone on and laughably denigrate me for doing exactly what you failed to do. Or was your prescription of due diligence only applicable to others with a special exclusion for yourself?

If so, that might play in the sticks, but if you ever earn some serious traffic, that kind of thing will leave you gasping in embarrassment while your exemplar of hypocrisy makes the rounds.

How about we chalk up your failures to simple misunderstanding?


Update: Here is DarkSyde's response posted in the comments:
I assumed you cared about accuracy and truth. Political servitude simply did not enter the pciture. As a former Republican, the qualities of truth, accuracy, accountability, and responsibility, matter to me dearly. Perhaps then you can understand why I left the GOP causus. And sadly, I think I now understand why you've remained.

My response to his comments...

I do care about accuracy and truth--real truth, not the make-believe truth the extreem left lives in! You know what I mean when I say your make-believe truth, right? I'm talking about the "Michael Moore" fiction documentary sort of truth? Right! Now, I don't know if you are part of the extreem left or not, but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi certainly strike me as the "out of touch" type.

Don't even come talking to me about accountability--the left is completely unable to clean its own house--what can you tell me about accountability. I'll agree, the GOP has its corruption problems, but we clean house. That's what voters know, and that's why you keep losing elections.

Truth: Illegal aliens are breaking our nations laws.
Truth: Most legal immigrants are against illegal immigration and are in favor of a secured border. Read the research man! Get your facts.
Truth: The Democrats obstructed in the Senate in order to gain political profit from the debate. I was watching C-Span like the rest of the world. The MSM doesn't dictate the message anymore.
Truth: The Democrats stand against everything a majority of Latinos value--marriage between a man and a woman, life from conception, a value and appreciation for faith.
Truth: Democrats hide from the truth about their own corruption and refuse to take responsibility for the corruption and mistakes within their own party....the list would be just to large to list on this post.

Why, do tell, would I want to leave the GOP?

Now, I'll repeate--I have no idea who this person is who emailed me. I just thought it was interesting that he thought this would be the sort of thing I would support. Honestly, I would love to know what post on my blog gave him that idea.

Lesson 1: Read and know the political perspective and if possible, party affiliation, of the bloggers you are trying to reach.

How to do it: Um, reading the bloggers you are going to be requesting support from my be helpful.

Lesson 2: Don't stereotype and don't assume. Just because I am of Latino heritage, does not mean I support open borders, illegal immigration, or anything liberal or left-wing for that matter.

This email tells me that DarkSyde either assumed I would be supportive when he found my address, or he bought an email list of Latino bloggers--and assumed all Latinos are in favor of the Liberal perspective on immigration. Either way, wrong!

Lesson 3: Check for typos and spelling errors. And the whole web abbreviation thing--just doesn't work for me. Please write complete words, unless there is a proper abbreviation for the word.

I'm really glad to hear the GOP is taking the offensive on this issue, and calling out Reid for his obstruction in the Senate! I hope they keep it up.

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Today's Must Read: The world is actually bigger than you

You must read La Ventanita's essay, responding to recent criticism of Val Prieto from
"The world is actually bigger than Cuba and South Florida. Hard to believe, I know, but not everyone...cares about the stuff you lost in 1959. Or 1968. Or whenever. Yes, it's sad. But most people in the world just...don't care."

That was one of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics by Time magazine speaking to a fellow Cuban blogger who chooses to blog about his passion speaking against Fidel Castro and daily trying to put the truth about the real Cuba out there; debunking all those nice, flowery, nostalgic NYT Cuba and Fidel Castro (and oh yes, Che Guevara too) stories. Setting the record straight; disseminating truth.

The joys of heritage...and a full belly

I married an American, but I have to say--my wife cooks a mean Cuban meal! Check out this one. I'm just following Ziva's example over at BabaluBlog. The picadillo with plenty of olives and potatoes, thinly sliced fried ripe plantain--just like my Abuela makes them, and rice and black beans. I do my rice brown, to make it a bit healthier. I got an awesome wife!

Hugh Hewitt on Cuba

Q&A going on at Washington Post right now. Hugh mentioned Cuba. Read it.

Westport, Conn.: What could be more undemocratic than a totalitarian government which is what a one party system would be? No party is that virtuous, wise, or honest enough to be trusted with such power. Sorry Charlie!

Hugh Hewitt: Nice mention of totalitariansim, which of course Constitutional majoritatians reject. The globe's real totalitarians, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and of course Iran come to mind, fear the GOP as the majority party for the reason that the GOP is committed to the spread of democracy abroad.

Thursday, April 13

World Magazine: Today’s illegally huddled masses still yearn to breathe free

Compelling article by World Magazine today. I don't know what to think about it yet. One thing for sure, its heart wrenching. Its a must read.

World Magazine also provides a run down of the two legislations being debated out there.

Guest-worker" provisions to make some illegals temporarily legal are at the heart of immigration battles on Capitol Hill.

The House bill (H.R. 4437) would:

  • step up expedited extradition programs;
  • add 700 miles of border fence and boost enforcement officer numbers;
  • require employers to verify legal status of potential employees at penalty of criminal prosecution with fines from $7,500 to $40,000;
  • make the act of illegal immigration a felony and restate provisions against assisting, harboring, encouraging, or transporting illegal immigrants.

The Senate bill (S. 1033) would:

  • fund a five-year, comprehensive Homeland Security border protection plan;
  • create a guest-worker program that would be available to 400,000 migrants every year, including provisions for naturalization; illegal immigrants would have to pay up to $3,000 in fines to enter the program;
  • reimburse states and municipalities for costs related to caring for undocumented migrants;
  • increase the number of skilled and educated immigrant workers allowed into the United States every year from 65,000 to 115,000.

ALIEN: as relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government

Pat at Pawigoview writes:
Merriam -Webster Dictionary defines ALIEN as relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : FOREIGN
and ILLEGAL as "not according to or authorized by law : UNLAWFUL, ILLICIT; also : not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game)"

Not only do many of the ILLEGAL ALIENS choose not to learn our national language, they do not want us to use accurate words in our language.

If I leave these United States and am in another country, I am an alien. If I break the other countries laws concerning my presence in that nation, I am illegal!
These are not racial slurs. Use of accurate terminology does not make me a bigot.
I agree completely with him:
I welcome LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and wish that so many who have applied through LEGAL MEANS will soon have the opportunity to begin citizenship pathways in these United States. I have no preference to a country of origin, ethnicity or religion. I welcome those who want to become assimilated by learning our language, history and responsibility of citizenship.
Don't call me racist for using accurate terminology, and exposing those that play with the definitions of words.

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Must Read -- Jungle Law

“Deuce Four is an overwhelmingly aggressive and effective unit, and they believe the best defense is a dead enemy. They are constantly thinking up innovative, unique, and effective ways to kill or capture the enemy; proactive not reactive.”

Joel Belz: A theology-based policy for immigration

Challenging thoughts for the "Church" on the issue of immigration.

If evangelical Christians in America don't get with it pretty soon on the subject of immigration, they may well end up as embarrassed and impotent as Republicans are in California when Hispanics happen to be in the room.

The California Republicans' plight is the result, of course, of the high-profile stand former Gov. Pete Wilson took in 1994 against the influx of Hispanics from the south. Some people say Gov. Wilson single-handedly guaranteed that Hispanics would refuse to vote Republican for the next generation or more.

But note this well: The issue for evangelical Christians involves a great deal more than political pragmatism. The real issue is compliance with God's standards—and thankful hearts for His mercy. The big fear for evangelical Christians should not be the ire of Hispanic voters, but the wrath of God.

There are certainly some public-policy issues (try NAFTA) where it may be hard to discern how to apply the heart of God. There are important aspects of immigration policy where it's tough to map out biblical standards. But a Christian's basic posture must be to show mercy to aliens. Just trace the terms alien and stranger through the Bible, and remind yourself how consistently one-sided God's instructions are on the subject.

Yet the basis for this welcome is never some mushy-minded, mealy-mouthed, softheaded, be-a-doormat-for-everybody way of thinking. The basis instead is a starkly theological premise—an argument that comes right from the core of the biblical message of redemption. "You shall not oppress a sojourner," God says bluntly in Exodus 23:9. "You know the heart of a sojourner, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt."

Read the rest of it. Can a Christian have a strong perspective against illegal immigration, and still follow these principles? I think so.

WANTED: A co-blogger for Latino Issues

I am looking for a conservative blogger that might be interested in guest-blogging or even co-blogging on Latino Issues. If you have lived in Central or South America, or have unique perspective on immigration, and Latinos, email me. I need some help here. Unique readership has gone up to over 100 a day--over 500 when I get a Hughalanche or an Instalink.

Between MBA, my dearly loved wife, and work, its getting hard to dedicate the time you all deserve and the content I am commited to providing. This is a chance for a new blogger with low readership to increase his audience and get practice on an established audience.

So, if you are interested in co-blogging at Latino Issues, email me at jmsierra_at_josuesierra_dot_net.


It is a time of remembrance for those who gave their lives for freedom, and suffered at the hand of the political left. Remember this when you think about Democrats and their ability to confront America's enemies. Remember this come November and you are deciding who you are going to vote for. All things considered, remember this day. Via NetForCuba: (emphasis mine)
Maj. Gen. (DCNG-Ret.) Erneido A. Oliva, Former Second-in-Command of the Assault Brigade 2506

On April 17, 1961, approximately 1,300 courageous Cuban patriots belonging to the Assault Brigade "2506" landed on Cuban beaches. Our mission was to overthrow Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and to reestablish democracy in our homeland. However, the military operation at the Bay of Pigs which had been personally approved by President John F. Kennedy lasted only three days.

After 72 hours of continuous fighting, exhausted, we found ourselves surrounded by more than 40,000 enemy troops, hundreds of artillery pieces and more than 50 heavy tanks. Soon we realized that we had been abandoned by those who had recruited, encouraged, organized and trained us--American U.S. warships carrying more than 2,000 marines watched our inevitable defeat from only miles away. The American fighter planes flew over our heads, rocked their wings as a sign of friendship, and continued their flight without firing a single shot.

History records show that our invasion forces were able to land, secure and defend our assigned positions and repel continuous attacks at Playa Larga and Playa Giron as had been initially planned. However, by our second day our ammunition was exhausted, and I had to redeploy the forces I commanded at Playa Larga to Girón’s Western Front. The lack of the promised American air support enabled the sinking of the Rio Escondido and the Houston by Cuba’s air force. Along with the ships, the supplies required to sustain the military operation were lost.

By the end of the third day, with no supplies or ammunition and with 114 of our heroic comrades already dead, I realized that our “allies,” only a short distance away from the beachhead, would never come to our aid. Facing that bitter reality, I withdrew to the Zapata swamp with the last defenders of Playa Larga and Playa Giron where we eventually were confronted by our enemies--several brigadistas were executed on the spot and the majority taken prisoners.

Unfortunately, despite the politically motivated promises of “FREE CUBA” made during the last 45 years by all U.S. administrations, nothing has changed in Cuba . Despite their intense crackdown on dissidents, executions of innocent people and continued human rights violations, the 79-year-old Fidel Castro and his 74 year-old brother Raul remain entrenched in power unchallenged by the international community.

Unfortunately, the Castro brothers have now outlasted ten U.S. presidents who have failed to recognize the threat that they represent to the national security of the whole American Continent. Yet despite almost half a century of unfulfilled U.S. promises, the Bay of Pigs veterans still hold out hope that the Free World will awaken and enforce appropriate economic and political pressures to the communist dictatorship that will eventually bring freedom and democracy to the enslaved Island.
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Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Frist Joint Statement on Border Security Bill

For those who are just not getting it!
(Washington, D.C.) House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and Senate Majority Leader released the following joint statement regarding the border security bill:

"America is a nation with borders and borders matter. We are a nation of citizens and citizenship matters. We are also a nation of laws and laws matter. We have an important immigrant heritage and honoring that heritage matters.

"In December, the House of Representatives passed a strong border security bill aimed at securing our borders and preventing illegal immigration.

"However, on December 16, 2005, there were 191 House Democrats who voted to oppose House Republican efforts to reduce the crime of unlawful presence in the United States from a felony to a misdemeanor. Instead, they voted to make felons out of all of those who remain in our country illegally.

"While we are disappointed with the House Democrat's lack of compassion and the continued efforts by Senator Reid to block action on immigration legislation so that Congress can proceed to conference, it remains our intent to produce a strong border security bill that will not make unlawful presence in the United States a felony."
So, who is trying to make illegal immigrants into felons? Who is trying to cause division through obstruction? Who is using the illegal immigration debate for their own political gain?


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Blame The Democrats For Immigration Reform Failure

Must read of the day. I can't find the link, so if anyone sees it, let me know.
By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
The San Diego Union-Tribune
April 12, 2006

Who killed immigration reform? The autopsy shows it was Senate Democrats.

It's tempting to put a pox on both parties. But it wouldn't be fair. Republicans were tireless in search of comprehensive, and bipartisan, reform. Sen. John McCain of Arizona joined with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., to draft the guest-worker legislation, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter made that legislation central to what his committee sent to the full Senate. Sens. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas were vocal in their support. Sens. Mel Martinez of Florida and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska offered a helpful compromise. And Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist showed leadership by reaching out to the other side.

Too bad you can't say the same for Democratic leader Harry Reid, who was the villain in this drama.

Hector Flores, president of the League of United Latin-American Citizens, told me that he tried to impress upon Reid's office that it was important to get immigration reform done.

"Apparently, it fell on deaf ears," Flores said.

Response from Megan on youth suicide

I'm sorry Megain--it was not my intent to attack you, but the basic idea you are proposing. The boys death is sad. I can't understand what that must be like. But to use the word martyr is just wrong.

To be fair, my previous post was strong. Here is Megan's response. Just trying to be fair and balanced...trying.
Since you chose to attack me here rather than attempt to engage in a serious honest debate where I posted the article, I will respond to you here.

Looking at social justice movements throughout history (because I take a historial approach rather than a spoon fed approach fed to me by the U.S. government as to waht democracy looks like), toned down, pandering to the powers that be to make ourselves as Latinos, people of color, poor people, more palatable have gotten us nowhere.

What are are effectively saying is that because of his choice to particpate in actions that are (allegedly) protected by the Constitution, he deserved what he got, death.

As a women who has dedicated many years of my life to social justice, I have no problem with calling this, yes part of a revolution. I make no attempt to hide my political leanings. If you really feel that by kissing political culo you will help Latinos and society at large, well then what would you say to the civil rights movement of the 60's and their yes- gasp- breaking the law.

Sometimes when laws are unjust or when laws are being threatened that violate the human rights of fellow human beings, then yes, they should be broken. In the words of Don Pedro Albizu Campos- when tyranny is the law, revolution (yes revolution) is order.

Yes this is the United States, where it was voted on to make slaves part of a whole person, where Puerto Rican women were sterilized against their will, where racial profiling and the prison industrial complex threaten young people.

Yeah making us more palatable to the mainstream have gotten us so far.

Shame on you, as a Latino and as a human being for blaming this child and his mother.
What do you all think? I welcome comments from either side.

Tuesday, April 11

Youth suicide USED for the "immigrant's" cause

Maegan la Mala posted on Vivir Latino a sensationalist headline that sounds to me a lot like socialist propaganda. What is this--a revolution? I am sure that is what rally organizers would want it to be. But this is America, and in America, change happens differently! We vote. We contact our representatives. We obey and live under the law. I know that is to much to ask of some people, but I digress--following is a post I read at Vivir Latino.

The headline reads, "First Martyr of Current Immigration Struggle: Age 14"
14 year old Anthony Soltero, an organizer of student walkouts at De Anza Middle School in California, shot and killed himself on March 30 after being forbidden to attend graduation activities, being threatened with fines against his mother for his "truancy" and participation in the student protests, and being told that he was going to prison for three years because of his involvement as an organizer of the school walk-outs by the assistant principal of his school.

Anthony's mother, Louise Corales said:
I want to speak out to other parents, whose children are attending the continuing protests this week. We have to let the schools know that they can't punish our children for exercising their rights.
Lets be clear--Anthony was no martyr. At best, he was a misguided youth who lost sight of his priorities, and in his moment of despair, committed suicide. At worst, he is a victim of left-wing organizations that are profiting from the immigrant unrest. These organizations are not acting with care about the immigrant, or their jobs, or their education--they only care about making a political statement. I am sorry for his death, and I am sorry for his family, but for left-wing bloggers to use his death for their cause and call him a martyr cheapens the sacrifices from those who have truly died for freedom or faith.

Let's analyze what happened here. The young man skipped school, and encouraged disorderly behavior and truancy among other students. There is no mention of missed assignments, missed classes, exams, etc. I would also like to know if his mother--Mrs. Corales--was in the country legally? I am sorry Mrs. Corales--your son had no right to endanger other children's future by encouraging truancy. Your son had no "right" to skip school. Your son had no right to break school rules, and endanger himself by walking in traffic, potentially placing a huge liability on the school's administration entrusted with his care. He broke the rules. I'm not saying this was a crime, and he certainly did not deserve death--no child does--but to connect the dots and claim his struggle for his "rights" drove him to suicide is a bit far fetched.

He made a choice to place these rallies above his education and his graduation. He made a choice to "organize" and influence other children in doing the same. And at the end, he made a choice to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with his choices. Thousands of youth, for one reason or the other, are faced with similarly difficult choices, and no one forces them to commit suicide. It's tragic. Its sad. It's not martydom.

But if you want to blame someone, I wonder if the California Spanish language DJ's are going to be held responsible for encouraging this child's truancy? Will someone call out the school administrators or teachers that encouraged kids to walk out and protest? Will we hold his school's MECHA chapter advisor responsible? Will we express outrage at whoever it is that provided school busses to get kids to these protests?

Let's place our blame where it should go. This was no martyr--its just another sad, tragic statistic.

Here is my prediction: If these left-wing groups don't calm down, and start taking a more astute and toned-down approach to this issue, they are going to insight the biggest backlash towards immigration in general, and towards Mexicans specifically, that this country has ever seen! They cannot win this battle in the media battlefield. You cannot win in the information warfare. At best, if they are smart, they could gain a lot--but not in the direction they are taking.

More: The story was originally posted here. You can read more about Democracy Now here.

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Some help during these dificult days -- Accents

For all those language-impaired bloggers out there that didn't do to well during high school Spanish, I thought I would provide this little accent reference for your benefit. Holding the Alt key, type in the appropriate number for the accent or symbol you need.
á - 160
¿ - 168
é 130
¡ 173
í 161
ó 162
ú 163
Ñ 164
É 144
ñ 165
There you go Mary Katharine. Just come back to my blog each time you need some help. :-D
Any misuse or mispunctuation of the Spanish language in this post is due to the fact I can't figure out how to make my keyboard make those dadgum accent marks. Did I mention the lack of skillz?

Memo to Kansas -- this is your Senator

Via NYTimes:
Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, who favors granting citizenship to illegal immigrants, said Monday: "I think everybody sees the immigrant community as an emerging force. I think everybody is quite sensitive that they don't want to be on the wrong side, politically, of this group."
Your Senator fears illegal immigrants. Is this your leader?

Zogby poll: 58% Mexicans in Mexico believe the U.S. Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico

Yikes! Investor Business Daily has more on MECHA and the separatist movement. This puts a socialist win in Mexico's presidential race in a whole new perspective. Can you imagine a friend of Chavez and Castro right next door? Can you imagine if someone puts this separatist attitude to good use?

Oh, wait--they are. It's happening. Turn on the TV.
A leading Aztlan group is the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan, known by its Spanish acronym MEChA.

Like many other Hispanic groups, MEChA came out of the "Brown Power" movement of the late '60s. Its founding motto was, "For those in the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing."

Many of California's leading Hispanic politicians were "Mechistas" in college, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante.

Bustamante's refusal to condemn MEChA contributed to his defeat by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 gubernatorial race.

As a student group, MEChA tends to be dominated by immigrants' children and descendants, not immigrants themselves.

But the views of most Mexicans aren't far away from MEChA's.

A 2002 Zogby poll of Mexicans in Mexico found that 58% believe the U.S. Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico, having been stolen from Mexico in the 1800s.

Not surprisingly, 57% believe Mexicans have the right to enter the U.S. whenever they please.

"There's sort of an irredentist sentiment," said George Grayson, professor of government and Mexico specialist at the College of William and Mary.

"One seldom hears even educated Mexicans saying the laws on border crossing should be followed," he said. "It's almost as if the U.S. has an obligation to redress its sins of the nineteenth century."
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Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid: secure our borders?

What do you mean, Mr. Reid? What does "secure" mean? Talk is cheap, Mr. Reid.

I got this press release via the Hispanic PR Wire today--very smart. It's a load of crap! So, according to Reid, those who would ask for real border security are fringe right wing!
"Democrats are united on the need to reform our broken immigration system and it will ultimately depend on Republicans to choose between standing up to the radical right wing of their party, and joining Democrats to approve practical, tough, and smart reforms to our immigration system, or they can continue to play politics with our national security and immigrant'’s rights."
Who was offering amendments in an attempt to reach a compromise? The Republicans. And who was blocking and filibustering these amendments, preventing any solution? The Democrats. Words are cheap! In the case of Democrats, they are worthless! Stop obstructing Mr. Reid.

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Immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism

Thomas Sowell's column is a must read for the day. As usuall, he gets down to the unseen factors of the issue. It affirms what I have been saying--this is more about the voice of the so-called immigrant "leadership" and much less about what immigrants really want. Who benefits the most by the rise of the immigrant masses? Answer me that...
Today, immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism. Moreover, many native-born Americans also promote a sense of separatism and grievance and, through "multi-culturalism," strive to keep immigrants foreign and disaffected.

This is not to say that all or most of the illegal immigrants themselves share this anti-establishment or anti-American bias of many of their spokesmen or supporters. Most are probably here to make a buck and have little time for ideology.

Hispanic activists themselves recognize that many of the immigrants from Mexico -- legal or illegal -- would assimilate into American society in the absence of these activists' efforts to keep them a separate constituency. But these efforts are widespread and unrelenting, a fact that cannot be ignored.
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Monday, April 10

Latinos -- Used!

Update2: Mary Katharine has pictures from the DC rally. Check them out.

Check out the WaPo's headline today! What I want to know is how are Churches reconciling the moral stand on abortion, gay marriage, and pro-family values with the values the event organizers promote? How can church leaders unite with those that stand against everything the Church stands for? Where is the church? Used--disconnected between the truth, and the Judeo-Christian worldview, and what is happening today. Illegal immigration is wrong, any way you look at it. How does a church pastor defend that?


That's what most of these crowds are! Do you honestly think that the average working Latino, with a minimal education, is really all that politically informed and involved? There are those that are--I know many of them. But look at the pictures.

Look at the pictures
. These protests are highly organized, politically calculated, PR managed, opportunistic events set up by the extreme left and socialist groups--both inside the country, and with outside influence. Do you think that the rise of socialism in South and Central America would not have an impact within the US? This is so much more than just about immigration and open borders. Do you honestly think that a majority of Latino attendees at these events truly understand what is going on beyond their honest desire to stay in America and their fear of being deported? They don't. They are being used!

History has demonstrated that Socialism and communism operates on the ignorance and suffering of the underclass, and is opportunistic in its very nature. Socialism rises by appealing to the suffering of the poor! Then, to make things even more insane, you have Muslim and separatists interests in the mix! Do you think Latinos care about the plight of whatever cause these Muslim organizations are pitching? Do you think most Latinos at these rallies really want the South West of our country to be returned to Mexico? They don't. They are being used!

Do we honestly believe that these masses truly want what the left has to offer? Look at the research. Most of these individuals do not agree with abortion on demand--the Democrats are not on their side. Most of these individuals would not approve of legalized gay marriage--the Democrats are not on their side. Most of these left-wing organizing groups are firm believers in larger, more centralized government and in socialist values--the very same kind of governments most illegal immigrants are escaping from and the same kind of system that is distroying France, for example.

I feel so frustrated!! Why is it that Latinos forget the lessons of their past? They are pawns in the hands of socialists and left-wing groups--yes, and the Democrats who are just as opportunistic and enjoying the political profits of these events.

For those that read Spanish:
Pueblo, despierten!! Los Democratas no estan de su lado! Nada mas usan de sus dificultades para adquirir mas poder politico! Ellos quieren imponer sus valores morals y sociales. Los valores Democratas son valores anti-familia, y anti-fe.

People, wake up! Democrats are not on your side! They only use your plight to gain political power! They want to impose their moral and social values. They are anti-faith, and anti-family values.
Sen. Frist, secure our borders. Then, we can talk. Then everyone might be more willing to listen to ideas and discuss solutions for the other complex parts of the problem. But first, close the borders! We do NOT want more open borders. What part of this sentence is so difficult to understand? Can you hear America shouting out in frustration and anger? Can you? Wait until election night--you will.

PoliPundit: The following Republican politicians, who would sell US citizenship to millions of illegal invaders, have permanently lost my support for any elected office:

President George W. Bush
Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)
Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
Senator Bill Frist (R-TN)
Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS)
Senator Chuck Hagel (R_NE)
Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH)
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)
Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM)
Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL)

I donated thousands of dollars to these politicians when they were running for office. I urged readers to vote for them and volunteer for their campaigns. No more. They are agents of Mexico, not representatives of the American people.

The following Republican politicians have earned my support for any elected office:

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
Rep. J. D. Hayworth (R-AZ)
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
Senator George Allen (R-VA)
Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA)

In addition, all but 17 House Republicans voted for the strong border security bill in December; so they deserve our support. You can check if your Congressman is on the list here.

Few Democrats have supported strengthening America's borders. Those who have, such as Senators Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Kent Conrad (D-ND), are too far to the left on other issues to deserve our support. The one exception is Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), who has been good on most issues, and has turned out to be a stalwart on immigration.

So, if there's a race between a Democrat and a pro-invader Republican, conservatives would be well advised to vote for neither. The Ohio Senate race between Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH) and Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is one such race this year.

Glenn Reynolds:
[Immigrants are] leaving Mexico because its corrupt and thuggish political culture stifles economic growth and opportunity. The people there are smart and hardworking, after all, and they tend to do just fine when they get here. They're leaving because being smart and hardworking is enough to get you ahead in the United States, but not in Mexico. And I suspect that if the Reconquista advocates somehow did get their way, and the Southwest United States became a new Northern Mexico, we'd soon have illegal immigrants crossing over into Kansas and Oklahoma for opportunity, because the Mexican political culture would have ruined things in Arizona and Texas just like it's already ruined them further south.
Ultimately, the victims will continue to be the illegal immigrants themselves. They are victimized by a broken border that encourages and allows employers to abuse and pay lower wages. They are victim of a political system that encourages "victim" mentality, and profits from the dendence of the underclass. And most importantly, they continue to be victim of the corruption and injustice of inefficient governments they are trying to escape. The very least we can do is not extend their victimization with our open border policy and lack of enforcement-backbone.

Secure the borders.

Fix the corruption and inefficiencies in our current legal immigration system.

Enforce the law.

Continue supporting free trade and economic partnership with Latin America.

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New blog discovery -- Off Topic

Just discovered a great blog by Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas, who is "working on [his] PhD thesis on income distribution and economic growth at the University of Manchester." Of the top, looks like good stuff. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one. Great work Alvaro.

Must Read -- Feeding Tomatoes to the Troll ...

Here is a great post in response to a liberal on the issue of immigration. Since I have been asked this question, I thought I would provide this as a semi-response. Great piece.
I've been trying to figure out what's a serious issue to a liberal. Honestly, when you try to talk to someone about, oh say, immigration laws, it always boils down to tomatoes.

Here's a comment from my entry yesterday:
What the hell did an immigrant ever do to you? Mow your lawn? Why are you protesting against mexicans? Why not all immigrants; Indians, Asians, Europeans, Africans? Did your ancestors come here "legally"? If we cut down on illegal immigrantion, who the hell will pick your tomatos?
Let's break that down.
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Sunday, April 9

Book TV on C-Span2 -- Painting the Map Red

I had the chance to be at this event at the Heritage foundation, and even got to meet Hugh Hewitt. The discussion was great, Hugh had some interesting things to say, and Bob Beckel was as entertaining as usuall. I have to say, I don't know that I agree with all of Hugh's perspective on the issue of the 2006 and 2008 election. But, to be fair, I need to finish reading the book to fully understand his words. Check out the show tomorrow.
Description: Hugh Hewitt argues that Democrats could win back both the House and Senate during the 2006 mid-term elections and suggests ways for Republicans to limit this possibility. He says that for Republicans to regain the momentum they have lost recently, they should concentrate on four things: winning the war, confirming their judicial nominees, cutting taxes, and controlling spending. Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes and Democratic strategist Bob Beckel provide commentary. The event was hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.

Accounting -- Ugh!

What did I do to deserve this? Accounting is a torture! I think they should invite my accounting Prof. to Guantanamo. One semester of this stuff, they will spill secrets like nothing else.

Some day, when I conquer the world, I'm hiring someone else to do my accounting!!