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Betsy's Page: An Ounce of Prevention

With the attention given to the temporary loss of Betsy's Page from Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt, and Captain Ed, I thought I would look into the process or steps to doing a blog back up. For those who are convinced that this is reason to jump ships, you'll want to know how to move over your posts. I myself am starting to consider moving my blog, but not for technical reasons--mostly because I want to have it on my own domain.

It's a major feature lacking in that they don't offer an easy backup system, specially when you consider the value and importance of many blogs out there. They provide a page explaining step by step how to create a backup. Its worth checking out, thought it might be medium difficulty in terms of technical requirements.
How do I create a backup of my entire blog?

Blogger does not have an export or download function. However, you can use the following instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired.
Of course, if you are moving to WordPress powered blog, then check in the import section on bringing in your I tried it, but it didn't quite work as advertised. I think, though, my bad connectivity had something to do with it. has a page with more instructions on importing from, as well as a whole list of other common blogging platforms.

WordPress currently supports importing data in the form of posts (articles) and most of the details or features supported by the existing software, from the following content publishing platforms.

Most of the following WordPress-supported import scripts can be found under the "Import" tab of your Wordpress administration interface.

If you run into specific problems, a search on the WordPress Support Forum ( will likely lead to a solution or try the Codex FAQ. Users of a blogging system not listed here who wish to switch to WordPress are invited to ask for help in the WordPress Support Forum ( as well.

To help you understand the differences between WordPress and other existing software, we recommend you review the WordPress Features and more on Working with WordPress.

PC Here, another blog, had this suggestion which I thought was a good and easy one (and includes help for Mac users!). Check out the full post for tips on backing up your comments and more.
Try third party back up tools - like the HTTrack Web site copier for Windows users and Webgrabber for Mac users. Each of these applications will create a fully working, interlinked local copy of your blog for browsing offline and easily allow you to back up. Remember it will take considerable time and internet bandwidth if you have a huge blog.
Hope these help. Feel free to trackback. If you have additional suggestions I missed, pass them on to me, and I'll ad them and link back to your blog.

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Modern myths: Cuba's free health care, a round-up

Fausta's Blog has the roundup. But for Castro, its not enough to let Cuban's in the island suffer under his communist health care--he exports it. I have a few past posts where I blog about this.

Here is one that bothered me--Cuban doctors in Honduras. I know the poor in these remote areas need medical care, but I am thinking the service these doctors provide, and the social unrest they will create, may cost more than what they are worth at the long run.

Two additional deaths following medical abortion with mifepristone (RU-486)

Update: Christina commented,
"Four of the seven US women to die got their abortion drugs at Planned Parenthood, and two at National Abortion Federation facilities. Only Brenda Vise, the woman with an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, got hers at a fly-by-night abortion mill.

If this is the care women get at the "best" facilities, what is happening to the women at the seedy places?"
I am certain that this is being seriously under-reported.


Got this in my email today from an FDA Public Health Advisory released yesterday.
The Food and Drug Administration has been informed of two additional deaths following medical abortion with mifepristone (Mifeprex). The Agency received verbal notification of the deaths in the United States from the manufacturer, Danco Laboratories. At this time we are investigating all circumstances associated with these cases and are not able to confirm the causes of death. However, all providers of medical abortion and their patients need to be aware of the specific circumstances and directions for use of this drug and all risks including sepsis when considering treatment. In particular, physicians and their patients should fully discuss early potential signs and symptoms that may warrant immediate medical evaluation.
Women need to be properly informed of the dangers of this medication. Where is choice when there isn't truth, disclosure, and true concern for the health of the mother? No, politics and social agenda trump these!

Friday, March 17

Value Voters: "...Dance with the one that brung you"

The Republican party better not say they have not been warned. The value voters are the ones to watch. If you thought Hispanic voter turnout was great in 04, wait untill '08! The evangelical churches are getting serious about being involved, and are organizing voter-drives. More importantly, in this new era of information, voters are MUCH better informed about the candidates that have an impact on the issues that matter to them.

FRC has more on value voters, and they are not happy with the lack of results.

At the Press Club yesterday, FRC held a press conference to announce the opening of registration for the Washington Briefing coming up in September.

We also presented the results of a poll we commissioned from Riehle-Tarrance about the political opinions of values voters. Here's what Tony had to say:

The National Omnibus Riehle-Tarrance Poll surveyed over 1,000 adults last weekend, March 9-12. A sizable percentage -- 41 percent of poll respondents -- were self described evangelical Christians. These are a major bloc of the values voters.

Among those evangelicals, a substantial majority expressed strong support for a pro-family public policy agenda:

  • 69 percent favor a ban on gay marriage;
  • 74 percent want to see indecency fines increased;
  • 73 percent favor measures to protect the unborn;
  • 72 percent want to see action on pro-family tax reform
  • 52 percent oppose the expansion of gambling

AND 75 percent of the evangelical respondents said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supported these issues.

When these motivated voters come to the Washington Briefing this fall, they will have the opportunity to hear directly from the politicians who want their vote.

You know Ronald Reagan was fond of saying to politicians: "You gotta dance with the one that brung you." Our polling data says the same thing.
Check out the rest of the post, and their statistics. Here is the press release from 2 days ago also announcing their Value Voters conference. It's going to be the value voters again, and it's going to catch the mainstream media by surprise again!

Thursday, March 16

Quote of the day: Wishing for small government

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

Ernest Benn
Talking about politics, check this article out. Just another reminder about the importance of small government.
The Senate voted Thursday to allow the national debt to swell to nearly $9 trillion, preventing a first-ever default on U.S. Treasury notes.

The bill passed by a 52-48 vote. The increase to $9 trillion represents about $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. The bill now goes to President Bush for his signature.

Wednesday, March 15

CALL TO ACTION: Pass HR 1606 or face regulations on the internet

This is going to affect the small guys more than anyone! The blogosphere is the one place where any one person has the power to influence many and be heard. Take action!

From Krempasky at

We've been working for a long time on HR 1606 - The Online Freedom of Speech Act. It will come up for a vote on the floor of the House TOMORROW but as you read this - the campaign regulation community is hard at work - working the halls of Congress, lying about not only our bill - but "their" bill as well. And as far as their intentions go - well, I think it's fair to say that when it comes to THEM bragging about protecting free speech - they are not to be trusted.

Of all the work you've done on this issue - no day is more important that today. Start with this list. Call the Republicans that wobbled last time 1606 was on the floor. And don't stop there.

Here are the relevant points:

  • HR 1606 is a simple bill that simply puts into law the existing status quo. It preserves the system under which we operated for the 2004 elections - WHEN THERE WAS NO CORRUPTION OR SCANDAL. It's supported by bloggers left and right.
  • HR 4900 (also known as the CDT proposal) is NOT an acceptable alternative to HR 1606. It's attractive, and while complicated it has a lot to like - and we can look at it after we pass 1606 - but this is the bottom line: if HR 1606 is not passed TOMORROW, the FEC will issue regulations for politics on the internet.
  • The reformers regulators merely want to delay the process while the Commission will be forced to issue regulations.
  • This is a TINY, TINY law. It does NOT open up a gaping loophole - and you can support BCRA and still believe that this little tiny section of American politics ought to be free. (don't trust me - ask FEC Chairman Michael Toner)
Seriously folks - it's gameday. Get on the horn. If you need the views of a democrat - check Bob Bauer. He's all over it.

Update [2006-3-15 12:36:51 by krempasky]: - about an hour ago - the Chairman of the FEC announced a one-week pause in the final vote on regulations TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO HR 1606 tomorrow. It couldn't be more clear: pass HR 1606 or face regulations on the internet. Period.

Also from
Pick up your phone. Call (202) 224-3121

Call these people first:

Charles Bass, NH (

Sherwood Boehlert, NY
Jeb Bradley, NH

Mike Castle, DE (spoke against the bill)

Howard Coble, NC
Jo Ann Emerson, MO
Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ
Elton Gallegly, CO
Wayne Gilchrest, MD
Paul Gillmor, OH
Joel Hefley, CO
David Hobson, OH
Nancy Johnson,CT
Tim Johnson, IL

Mark Kirk, IL (why not visit his blog?)

Ray LaHood, IL
Steven LaTourette, OH
Jim Leach, IA
Frank LoBiondo, NJ
Tom Osborne, NE
Tom Petri, WI
Todd Platts, PA
Jim Ramstad, MN
Ralph Regula, OH
Jim Saxton, NJ

Jean Schmidt, OH
So much for those comments made directly to RedState.

Joe Schwarz, MI
Rob Simmons, CT
Chris Smith, NJ
Michael Turner, OH
Fred Upton, MI
Greg Walden, OR
Jim Walsh, NY
Zack Wamp, TN
Curt Weldon, PA
Heather Wilson, NM
Frank Wolf, VA

C-SPAN: Immigration Issues at U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

4:08: Jorge Ramos challenges the panel to spend a day without benefiting from illegal immigrant labor. His point, I think, is to highlight migrant worker's role in our society, and it seems to me he was speaking of the problem of illegal immigration as a problem of exploitation. He has a point.

Mexican ambassador, "lets not get into the blame game" A Mexican citizen in the audience reminds him that the Mexican president has failed to provide job opportunities to Mexican citizens, and asks why he does not accept the blame.

3:59 PM:
Talking about the Minutemen. Hector, President of League of United Latin American Citizens, doesn't agree with the MinuteMen project. I think non-Americans cannot understand the great American tradition of voluntarism and the citizen's responsibility. I do have to agree with him in that Minutemen project is a symptom of a failed immigration policy!

LIVE STREAM BLOGGING: Becerra, D-CA., "Jobs being offered is the big magnet" He asks when was the last time you heard about a employer being prosecuted for giving jobs to illegals. Remove the demand, the supply will go down. Better yet, provide for proper legal method to supply that demand. It is basic economics.

Watch the live stream from C-Span. Jorge Ramos is there.
-• RealPlayer: Watch | Listen | Stand-Alone Player

- Windows Media: Watch | Listen | Stand-Alone Player
There are going through some QA with Jim Kolbe , R, Arizona
and Xavier Becerra , D-CA.

Jorge just asked a hard hitting question about the reality of amnesty, and the ability of congress to enforce the law.

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Happier people

Is it because they are registered Republicans, or perhaps because they way they see the world allows them to understand and look at life's challenges much differently and positively? Interesting.
...conservative Republicans were happier than conservative Democrats, and moderate to liberal Republicans were happier than comparable Democrats.
Happier, and all of it, without wanting more government handouts.

Tuesday, March 14

GOP Primary Straw Poll

GOP Bloggers is holding a straw poll. I would love to see how Latino Issues readers would vote. Put in your vote.

Off Topic: Dell to Buy Alienware?

Well, I rarely go into technology issues, but I heard about this, and I checked in with a friend that works inside Alienware.
According to a few sources in my department Dell has already bought out Alienware and will be going with it public very soon. The owner of voodoo pc mentioned it in his blog a few weeks back. There is already talk in the office about the buyout but not one executive in the company has given validity to the rumors. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.
So, it sounds like it happened, but true to what I have heard on the blogosphere, there has not been any official confirmation. These kind of buyouts are always sort of sad, because there is a special kind of service and quality a small company offers. Let's hope Dell doesn't cannibalizes their product line, and is able to keep the service levels. Mostly, I think its regretable because it reduces competition in the Gaming PC nitch--that's never good. But, hey--if this will help both companies produce a better product at lower prices, that's economic market forces.

There is more here, and here.

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Quote of the day: Preserving meaningful limits on government

Here is a small reminder why government has no business asking for my money! I love my "Get Liberty News" emails, just because of these quotes.

"As government grows, the temptation to misuse it for personal or political gain multiplies. Preserving meaningful limits on the size and scope of government protects taxpayers and protects politicians--from themselves."

Mark Hillman, Colorado State Treasurer
It's to bad CO citizens didn't get this, and approved Ref. C last year. I got taxed heavy this year! Ugh! Looking at my Federal Income taxes comparison, it shows that my income in 2005 increased by about %50, but my income tax increased over 400%!!

The Federal government is taking to much of MY money! Every time President Bush mentioned another initiative or another "great-next-big-thing" at the State of the Union, I would cringe!! I could feel my pockets getting lighter!

Online Freedom of Speech Act (a.k.a. The Blogger Bill)

This via
Congressman Charlie Bass, a Republican in the House, is one of the co-sponsors of H.R. 4900, which would deny you your right to participate in blogs other than your own.

Call Congressman Bass at (202) 225-5206 and tell him to vote for H.R. 1606 and to withdraw his name from H.R. 4900.

The First Amendment needs your help.
From the GOP Press Office via email:
Online Freedom of Speech Act (a.k.a. The Blogger Bill)

Expected to be on the floor of the U.S. House this Thursday

The House Republican Conference recognizes the efforts of bloggers from across the political spectrum who have helped raise awareness about this legislation.

Below is some information that should help you follow the bill and debate this week:

Watch the webcast of the bill's mark up last week.

CSPAN 1 covers the U.S. House of Representatives. Tune in to watch the floor debate and vote live. Thursday we will let you know the approximate time debate will begin.

The office of the Clerk will post the roll call vote shortly after the vote on the floor.

The transcript from the debate will be available here the following morning.

SPONSOR:Rep Hensarling, Jeb TX-5

Rep Bishop, Rob
R, UT-1 Rep Boucher, Rick D, VA-9
Rep Cannon, Chris R, UT-3 Rep Conyers, John, Jr. D, MI-14
Rep Flake, Jeff R, AZ-6 Rep Kennedy, Mark R. R, MN-6
Rep Musgrave, Marilyn N. R, CO-4 Rep Paul, Ron R, TX-14
Rep Ryan, Tim D, OH-17

Some Republican Members who Blog:
Rep. Mike Conaway, R-TX-11
Rep. Katherine Harris, R-FL-13
House Speaker Dennis Hastert
, R-IL-14
Rep. Jack Kingston, R-GA-1
Rep. Mark Kirk,
Rep. John Linder, R-GA-7
Rep. Mike Pence
, R-IN-6
Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-CO-6

Republican Study Committee

Sunday, March 12

False Friends: Fidel's newfound supporters are doing ordinary Cubans no favors.

This is an article worth reprinting and passing around. I am deeply saddened for the suffering of the Latin American people that is yet to come if they continue down this path towards socialism, central government control, and repression of the free press. Many more will die from a social ill that has been proven evil.
By Raul Rivero
Newsweek International

March 20, 2006 issue - Political leaders in Latin America, intoxicated by a bad case of populism, are preparing a safe landing for Fidel Castro and his grim dictatorship. In a region that Castro bloodied with his mad policy of fomenting guerrilla wars, where a number of countries lost worthy citizens in misguided attempts to replicate his armed rebellion in the late 1950s, presidential palaces have been seized by the left through the same democratic means that those insurgents of yesteryear tried to destroy with bombs and bullets.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez provided the first and most important pillar of support to Castro. Now come gestures of solidarity from Evo Morales. The onetime leader of Bolivia's coca farmers views the Cuban president-for-life as a good man and a democrat, and never tires of telling interviewers so. In the backdrop of this dismal tableau, waving flags and full of smiles, are Brazil's Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Uruguay's Tabaré Vázquez and Argentina's erratic Nestor Kirchner. Bringing up the rear are the Peruvian presidential candidate Ollanta Humala and the front runner in Mexico's presidential campaign, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

This claque of politicians is guilty of the serious crime of flagrant opportunism. To appease their impatient left-wing constituents and maintain a semblance of calm at home, they shake the hands of Cuban officials who have installed a system they themselves reject as a matter of principle. They travel to the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, they express their support for Havana and receive in return Cuban doctors and cigars.

The problem lies not just with politicians. Associations of friends of Cuba have been created in certain sectors of Latin American civil society, and a select and erudite group of intellectuals sees in Cuba a rented version of their dream. Once a year they visit their illusion, and senior officials in Havana welcome them like chiefs of state, publishing their books with government funds and herding them into venues where they are applauded. But their dream is the living nightmare of the ordinary Cuban, the man in the street who is overlooked, forgotten and marginalized.

Indeed, all these figures are helping to perpetuate in a neighboring country what they would never accept in their own: the food-ration card that dates back to 1962, a totally controlled press, a legal gag order on free thought, and paramilitary brigades with clenched fists on the lookout for counterrevolutionary tendencies. For me, who like so many other Cubans wound up in jail for daring to speak out and report on the harsh realities in my country, the public, uncritical embrace that certain political leaders bestow on Fidel Castro only serves to prolong the suffering of my people. He milks those encounters for all the propaganda he can to feed to his apparatchiks.

There are many different Cubas within Cuba, and the poorest and most populous of these Cubas has been forsaken by all of Latin America. With the exception of Costa Rica, all the countries of the region, thanks to the attitudes of their elected leaders, are in effect treating their Cuban brethren with hatred and suspicion. But one way or another the Cuban people will emerge from their hell, and hopefully in the not too distant future a free Cuba will extend a hand of friendship to those same countries that have turned their backs on its citizens.

Rivero is a prize-winning journalist and poet who was jailed for political reasons with dozens of other Cuban dissidents in March 2003. He was released from prison on medical grounds in the fall of 2004 and now lives in Madrid.

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