Thursday, November 3

Wow! Google Print now available

Did a search for C.S. Leiws. Check that out! Doing research and studying for sermons just got all that much easier. This is information at your fingertips. I hope Google is able to ethicly resolve the copywrite issues.

You are going to need a Google log-in ID. HT: RightFaith

Merry Christmas, ACLU: 800 attorneys prepare for Christmas censorship

Good news for Christians, and a heads-up to the ACLU for this Christmas. This via Right Faith.
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The Alliance Defense Fund announced today it has more than 800 attorneys available nationwide to combat any improper attempts to censor the celebration of Christmas in schools and on public property.

"An overwhelming majority of Americans of all faiths agree that we should celebrate Christmas," said ADF President Alan Sears. "This is a time for goodness, giving, and hope--not a time for fear, intimidation, and the disinformation of agenda-driven, anti-Christmas legal entities."

According to recent polls:

96 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, 2003).
90 percent of Americans recognize Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ (Gallup, 2000).
88 percent of Americans say it is okay for people to wish others "Merry Christmas" and the majority of Americans are more likely to wish someone they just met "Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays" (CNN/USA Today/Gallup, 2004).
87 percent of Americans believe nativity scenes should be allowed on public property (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, 2003).

More Bad News for Bloggers

No protection for bloggers! This via Bloggers Blog. reports that the Online Freedom of Speech Act (also known as the FOS Act) was defeated in the U.S. House of Representatives. Most lawmakers voted to pass the bill but there were not enough to get the 2/3 majority needed. The final decision was 225-182 (Roll Call). said the bill failed because Democrats were concerned the bill would "open the door for more soft money in politics with the Internet serving as the primary conduit." A Slashdot entry also blames Democrats.
We know how much the Democrats are REALLY concerned about soft money! Right! Somebody tell me what is Soros doing? Shame to these lawmakers who voted no.

There is more from
One of the reasons I think you've seen some oppose H.R. 1606 is because they supported the 2002 campaign finance reform legislation and they're trying to defend that vote still. In many ways H.R. 1606 is a recognition that the 2002 reform has been a disaster. And I have no doubt at least a few voted no on H.R. 1606 in order to bolster their assertion that the 2002 reform was a positive. You had a lot of people on soapboxes denouncing those opposed to the 2002 reform as despicable and corrupt, and it has turned out that the 2002 reform has only complicated the system and infringed on free speech. In my opinion we ought to scrap the 2002 bill altogether before it gets its hooks into the internet.
Check out their ongoing discussion.

Hugh Hewitt: Alito one of the most qualified nominees in the history of the court

Great comments from Hugh Hewitt about Samuel Alito, his experience, and his immigrant background over at Beyond the News. Hugh had this to say about Alito:
"President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito sends to the Senate one of the most qualified nominees not just of recent years but in the history of the court."

Michael Medved: Long Live the American Dream

From this week's Beyond the News:
—Michael Medved

Three recent news stories illustrate how the American Dream is alive and well:

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, heading the CIA leak investigation, is the son of a doorman in New York City. He attended Catholic schools and worked as a doorman himself while winning scholarships to Amherst and Harvard Law.

Meanwhile, President Bush appointed a new head of the all-powerful Federal Reserve--Ben Bernanke, son of a small town druggist in South Carolina and grandson of a kosher butcher, whose hard work drew scholarships to Harvard and MIT, and a teaching post at Princeton.

And then there was the preacher's kid--Condoleezza Rice--appearing at her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, at the site of the racist church bombing that claimed the life of one her kindergarten classmates.

The modest backgrounds of a famous prosecutor, the nation's top banker and our secretary of state, show that America still offers limitless rewards to people of talent and dedication.

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NSHMBA 4th annual "Hispanic Leaders of the New Millennium" Speaker Series

For Colorado Front Range residents, here is a group I am involved in and fully support. If you are involved in any way in reaching the Hispanic market in Colorado, you need to attend this event.
The Denver Chapter of the National Society of Hispanic MBA's is pleased to present
the 4th annual "Hispanic Leaders of the New Millennium" Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is designed to engage our community in a discussion of Hispanic Leadership in America, raise funds for our scholarships and chapter operations in support of Hispanic graduate education. Don't miss your chance to participate in this event, and help raise scholarships in support of Hispanic graduate education.

Date: Wed. November 9, 2005

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Dress: Business Attire Required

Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom
1245 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80204
Click for map & driving directions

To register for the event, click here

Cost for Event:
Members $10.00
Non-Members $15.00
Student with ID $5.00
At the door $20.00

Ticket are going fast

To pay with a credit card online, click here

Payments can also be sent to:

National Society of Hispanic MBAs,
2701 Alcott Street, Suite 380,
Denver, CO 80211

You can see the full list of sponsors and keynote speakers here.

Wednesday, November 2

Denver voters approved measure making ounce of marijuana possesion legal

City dwellers can be scary! What sort of message does this send to children? Is this the 20th century, or are we regressing in time and intellectual progress?

I'm glad the city attorney's office has found a way around it. The Denver Post buried it in the last paragraph of this story.
They also approved a measure to make it legal for adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Denver, though the city attorney's office said police would simply file marijuana possession charges under state law.
Sensible Denver residents got hit by a bunch of pot-heads.

Colorado residents have voted to suspend their Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

I am concerned about what this will do to our growing economy, and our money-hungry state government. This is a serious setback for true conservatives. Owen's betrayed the fiscal restraint values of the party. What is frustrating is the scare tactics used by the pro-Ref C & D people--outright lies. Here comes all the spending!
Colorado residents have voted to suspend their Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, the strictest government spending limit in the nation, and give up more than $3 billion in tax refunds to help the state bounce back from a recession. Fiscal conservatives were dismayed at the outcome Tuesday night and worried about its impact on other states considering similar spending limits.
Click here for election returns

Click here for county-by-county graphic

Sunday, October 30

White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned

The Washington Post is making more out of the Libby indictment with reports of a pole. I did not do well in Stats, so perhaps a reader can comment on it. To me, it feels like the media is jumping on the bandwagon.

What do you all say about this? Is there more to it than just Libby? Is Bush really all that of a failed leader? Are there wider ethical questions to be asked? You tell me? I would like to hear from my readers on this one? How are you taking this story and what does it mean for you, and your perception of the White House?

White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned

The Poll data is here: Washington Post-ABC News Poll

Denver Post Thinks Chavez's Socialism "Playing Well" in Venezuela

Today's Denver post published a New York times article by Juan Forero that amounts to one big propaganda piece! You would think that the media would have learned from their mistakes with Communist Russia.

Just the fact that the Denver Post would publish this article goes to show what they think of Chavez's work. It is a travesty, and irrisposible. The sub heading claims Chavez has "reined in" the free market, as if it was this evil, out-of-control bandit that was stealing from the country. Of course, the article also uses the word "reorganize" when talking about the banking and oil industries. Reorganizing? Has the world not seen what socialism and centralized control does to an economy? Do we not know, scientificly, that centralized control does NOT work?

He can call it "21 century socialism" all he wants, but it's just one dead stinky cat, dressed up in a new coat. Just look at this buddy-buddy relationship with Castro, and you can know what sort of socialism he is trying to carry out--the same kind that has failed and that has caused the death by hunger of millions of people. What a sad, sad joke--and the Denver Post was a willing player into propagating the lies of a dictator.

You can read the article online over at the NY Times.