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Robert Myers on Honduras

Robert Myers will be writting a series on Honduras, and is traveling in that area. Head on over to to check it out, and make sure to note the tip jar at the bottom--this is independent journalism at its best.

It's so sad. I lived in Honduras for over 14 years. There is so much potential. The Honduran people want something better, but corruption and injustice kills their hope.

This was the one story that illustrates Hondurans much to well--a unhealthy facination with brands and looks and apperances. Liike I said--its sad.
We arrived at the entrance, ready as ever to eat. But, again, there was a problem. We were underdressed. T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers didn’t impress the bouncer and he was refusing to let us in. This was apparently one of the more exclusive, ritzier night clubs in Honduras; a place for young millionaires and the children of the country’s wealthy elite to blow their allowances. There was no way we’d get in.But Phillip has a big mouth and wouldn’t ha…