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The Case of Eric Volz, An American Accused of Murder in Nicaragua

A co-worker brought this story to my attention. Having lived in Central America, I can understand how corruption could taint the judicial process. Usually, most murders go un-punished even when they know who the killer is. I do not understand why, considering the evidence, Mr. Volz would be accused. Read it for yourself. I am copying the whole statement of Facts right here. According to their updates page, he was handed a guilty veredict by the judge just yesterday.
Statement of Facts in Connection with Eric Volz' Whereabouts on November 21, 2006 Doris Ivanez Jimenez was murdered on Tuesday, November 21, 2006, between 11:45 am and 1:00 pm, inside a clothing store she owned, Sol Fashion, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. On the day of her murder, Eric Volz was over two (2) hours away in Managua. The proof that Eric was in Managua and innocent of this crime is conclusive. Many witnesses have given written statements and will testify that Eric was in Managua on the day of the murder. …