Friday, September 23

Poverty is not an excuse for stupidity

Practical and theoretical applications aside, Robertson has much to large of a big mouth. Of course, the media is only happy to serve as a bullhorn for his mouth-offs. Like I said before, who needs TeleSur when you have CNN en Español.

The only bigger fools are the Venezuelan underclass that supports Chavez and have undermined the rule of law. Then again, perhaps corruption played a part. Nevertheless, poverty is not an excuse for stupidity. In today's world, information is always readily available even to the poor. Looking back to American history, even in the old days of the American Revolution, people stayed informed one way or the other, and made moral,intelligentt choices. Again, poverty must stop being an excuse for anarchy, crime, corruption, and the many other ills the world faces. We do the underclass injustice by giving them a way out of their own personal responsability.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan president may very well have made a new best friend
in television evangelist Pat Robertson.With Robertson's astonishing and controversial call for the left-wing leader's assassination, "I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it...We have the ability to take him out."

Robertson will now have surely made Chavez an even more popular anti-American
icon in Latin America and around the world.Not unlike Fidel Castro of Cuba, Chavez thrives on threats from the United States, whether they are real or perceived. He has long accused the U.S. of plotting for his demise and this summer had armed civilians training with the military in order to be prepared for what he says is an imminent U.S. invasion in Venezuela.This threat by Robertson then, might just be what Chavez needs to keep his approval ratings soaring as high as the price of the Venezuelan oil he controls. In the hemisphere, this is the largest crude reserve.Venezuela remains the fourth largest foreign oil supplier and Chavez holds cards that make remarks such as the one made by evangelist Robertson all the more incendiary on the streets of Latin America.

It is frustrating. I hurt for those that suffer, but no one is going to ever solve world poverty--except the poor themselves! Chairities abound, and generosity is like a flood in countries like Africa. Millions are being poured out to help AIDS victims, famine victims, and so many other sufferings, and yet it seems like it does NOTHING! I don't understand how socialist power-hungry liars--fools really--can gain so much popular support. Forgive me, perhaps I still have some amount of idealism and faith in common sense.

Until the world stops making excuses for others, and starts helping with strong accountability, only until then willpeople be able to help themselves. And yes, some will never come out of poverty--but at that point, it will be their own choice.