Wednesday, November 9

France: Values do matter

I have not commented much on the situation in France, because I have never been there. But, as the conversation goes towards the effects of immigration, the challenge of assimilation, and all the related issues, I find the topic important in how it relates to our own immigration challenges.

No doubt there is a HUGE difference between Muslim immigrants in France and our own immigrants. The main difference, is the worldview and value system. Immigrants from Central and South America primarily have a Judeo-Christian worldview, rooted in Catholicism. The major challenge we face is probably language.

Albert Mohler focused in on the root of the issue, the value system:
Ever since the French Revolution, France has attempted to create a truly secular society. In one sense, they have been hugely successful. Active Christianity is embraced by very few French citizens. But, as is always the case, secularism creates a vacuum at the very center of civilization. These rioting young men want to fill that vacuum with Muslim rage. Secularism has consequences.

I'm not saying secularism (though that is part of it) is our problem, but rather does the value system we espouse hinder proper assimilation and integration of our immigrants?

I, for one, think that welfare mentality, lawsuits run amok, and entitlement attitudes are the things that are poisoning some of our immigrants from becoming hard working, integrated individuals.

Of course, its not all this simple. There are a lot more issues that are challenging our culture, from the battle for life, to the idea of small government. But it all comes down to the values we adopt and transmit to new immigrants. They learn quickly.