Wednesday, November 16

Unethical Pork Spending by Senator Lisa Murkowski

Ahh. The truth comes out. Pork always has special interests, and in this case, its at its worst when those pushing for more spending are the ones that directly benefit from the expenditure. Shame on Senator Murkowski for using the Senate and the American people to further her personal bank account! Shame!

I support the Fiscal Watch Team Offset Package presented by the U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and six senate colleagues, and I hope more Senators line up behind this. Let's stop the waste!
"There are still outstanding ethical issues that have not been addressed. We have voiced concerns about the role that Senator Lisa Murkowski played advocating for the Gravina bridge despite the fact that the project would likely benefit her family personally. Passing the buck onto the State of Alaska doesn't erase those conflict of interest questions. It merely shifts them to her father, Governor Frank Murkowski.

"Given the overwhelming opposition to the idea of wasting federal tax dollars on these projects, state officials would be wise to spend the money prudently. If this ends up being a back door way to pay for the Gravina and Knik Arm bridges, it will amount to a complete betrayal of American taxpayers, not to mention American values."

TruthLaidBear is tracking response on the Fiscal Watch Team Offset Package--check it out.