Wednesday, January 11

Hispanic Television Media News

This via Hispanic Television Update, from Multichannel News:
The Arizona Republic reports KPNX-TV Phoenix will this week begin a live Spanish-language translation of its evening newscast. Three interpreters will provide simultaneous translation that can be accessed through the SAP audio channel. KPNX is owned by Gannett Co. Inc., and is an affiliate of NBC.
On other news, the New York Times had reactions to the Miami Herald news that "Twentieth Television plans to make over popular Latin telenovelas in English with a North American flavor."
The New York Times reports (registration required) on the varied reactions from bloggers and media buyers to the planned releases of telenovelas. Some are enthusiastic; many are adopting a wait-and-see attitude, and others are downright hostile.
Interesting, but not of any compelling cultural value. Novelas, I think, propagate laziness among the Latino culture. Like I always tell my cousins, novelas make you wish for a life that is unreal, and if not careful, can foster feelings of inadequacy, ungratefulness and wishful thinking. That's just my un-scientific opinion.