Saturday, March 11

La Shawn Barbers is looking for quotes

UPDATE: Just finished up my review on Army of Davids. You'll want to check it out here.

She is looking for help in writing a review of Army of Davids.
I'm soliciting quotes from "“ordinary people"” empowered by technology.
I just finished Army of Davids myself--its great.

A great example of a David fighting a Goliath is how a handful of bloggers have helped spread the story of a Cuban protestor at the World Baseball classic. Bloggers have been quoted in the media, and have given close-up coverage to the incident.

Castro is getting his first taste of the blogsphere, started by one man and some cardboard signs, and spread by hundreds! No dictator can stop it.

Also, in Venezuela, bloggers are getting pressure from the Chavez regime for exposing the truth about his propaganda machine.

These are regular Davids battling the great evil Goliath--communism. Would the USSR even have happened if there had been bloggers back then? Information cannot be controlled anymore!

I consider myself a perfect example of a David, though David was one amazing man. But, when could I have dreamed that I could write ideas and thoughts, and that hundreds would read it. Now, I know my traffic does not compare to Instapundit or Hugh Hewitt, but hey--when could a guy like me imagine having an average of 50-80 unique readers per day? That is the power of technology.

I have received speaking invitations, emails from congressional staffers, and by the looks of my stats (web log tracking), I have readers from all over the world. While I have yet to break some great story, or make money of this, I know that my words are being read. It's a big responsibility and I take that seriously.