Wednesday, April 19

Executives, workers arrested in nationwide move against pallet maker

Don't forget: the victim is the immigrant, not because he lost his job, but because he was being exploited. He was being exploited, not because he could not get documents, but because the system allowed for him to come in illegally, and the company had every incentive to hire illegals. This is good. It's about time!

I am sorry for the immigrant who will have a hard time starting over back in their home country. It was wrong, but I understand how life in Latin America can be--very difficult. But this does not excuse illegal immigration.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested seven current and former IFCO Systems managers on charges they conspired to transport, harbor and encourage illegal workers to reside in the United States for commercial advantage and private financial gain, said Glenn T. Suddaby, the chief federal prosecutor in Albany, N.Y., where some arrests were made.
It sounds like they are feeling the heat from the voters--you know, those citizens that came to this country legally, or are born here. Again, mass rallies are going to have the opposite intended effect as far as policy makers are concerned. The left-wing Latino organizations have made a mistake by inciting these rallies, as far as they are concerned, but I guess you can say they did us all a favor. They brought attention to the issue.

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