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NAHJ to interview Ricardo Alarcon at 24th Annual Convention

Cross posted at C-Log:

I've been lazy about blogging all this week since I got back from the Memorial holidays, but this is a story I could not let pass.

This is just mind-boggling news coming via a press release from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. This is the same Ricardo Alarcon, of the Cuban Communist party and part of one of the deadliest regimes in our hemisphere!

Washington, D.C. - The National Association of Hispanic Journalists will hold “A Conversation with Ricardo Alarc√≥n,” the president of Cuba’s national assembly, via satellite from the Caribbean nation to open the association’s 24th Annual Convention and Media & Career Expo to be held June 14-17 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Are they insane? What conversation? What they need to do is ask some tough questions about the firing squads, the gulags and the jailed independent journalists rotting away in castro's prisons.

Here is what castro's internet nemesis, blogger Val Prieto, had to say :

Yes folks, that's right. Ricardo Alarcon, the world's premiere liar and manufacturer of information is set to open this years National Association of Hispanic Journalist's convention, interviewed by none other than fence straddler Mirta Ojito.

Here is some of their stated goals :

  1. To organize and provide mutual support for Hispanics involved in the gathering or dissemination of news.
  2. To encourage and support the study and practice of journalism and communications by Hispanics.
  3. To foster and promote a fair treatment of Hispanics by the media.
  4. To further the employment and career development of Hispanics in the media.
  5. To foster a greater understanding of Hispanic media professionals' special cultural identity, interests, and concerns.

I guess they are to busy defending politicly correct ideology--fair treatment of Hispanics in the media--to bother practicing some good old journalism. What ever happened to courageously reporting the truth and exposing human rights violations?

Like "La Ventanita" said:

Don't get me wrong, you want to interview the guy, go ahead. But ask questions, many questions about the torture, the political prisoners, the oppressed dissidents, the lack of food and supplies for the common Cuban. Ask REAL questions

Here is a Cubani'sm that says it best:

Le ronca los cojones.

Now, do something about it:

Write NAHJ and give them your suggestions for questions to ask Alarcon. Tell them what you think about the sort of "support" they are providing for America's Hispanic journalists.

Daniela Montalvo, (202) 662-7152

Executive Director
Ivan Roman

Deputy Director, Communications and Media Policy
Joseph Torres

Parity Project Director
Kevin Olivas

Development Director
Azuree Salazar

Finance Director
Jerry Crute

Parity Project Associate Director (West Coast)
Rosa Maria Santana

Parity Project Associate Director (Texas)
Michele Gonzalez

Professional Development Manager
Marissa Silvera

Educational Programs Manager
Christie Gomez

Communications and Research Coordinator
Daniela Montalvo

Membership Coordinator
Claudia Araujo

Executive Assistant
Yaneth Guillen

Parity Project Researcher/Administrative Assistant
Leticia Salazar

Program Assistant
Virginia Galindo


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