Wednesday, August 22

FW: Help in the media war: Freedom's Watch

Just a heads up on the media war. Check out the links below.

Just a quick note to draw your attention to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that is launching today on our side of the debate.

The campaign's sponsor,
Freedom's Watch,  is a brand-new organization with a brand-new website that you can visit here. From their press release:
August 22, 2007, (Washington, D.C.)—Today a new organization named Freedom’s Watch announced it is launching a nationwide grassroots campaign aimed at ensuring Congress continues to fully fund the troops with the ultimate goal of victory in the War on Terror. Freedom’s Watch will spend approximately $15 million on radio and television ads as well as grassroots activities from now thru mid-September and has partnered with a host of veteran’s organizations in an effort to ensure terrorism is confronted all over the world.

I'd encourage everyone to visit the Freedom's Watch site and watch their television ads online.

The tide is turning on the national debate, and with help from groups like Freedom's Watch, we can ensure that our troops get the support they need to win. Thanks to all for your support...

The Victory Caucus