Monday, August 6

Shunning Tancredo: Hewitt Analyzes Tancredo Campaign

Hugh Hewitt offers an interesting perspective on the Tancredo campaign.
A lot of Iowa voters are expected to cast ballots for Tom Tancredo at the Ames straw poll this week. Until recently a vote for Tancredo would have been understood as a vote against indifference to illegal immigration and for the idea of deportation. But the general and instant rejection of the proposed immigration "reform" bill undercut Tancredo's candidacy as all of the leading GOPers came out against the bill and managed to do so without sounding nativist in the least degree. Suddenly you could be for strong borders and coherent regularization without being for Tancredo, and his "protest" candidacy sputtered, and then began to bomb, burdened as well by Tancredo's own debate performances. Ron Paul became the marginal candidate with the biggest band.
Read Hugh's full post here. Hugh is not holding back, and based on his recent comments, I tend to agree with him -- not because of Tancredo's views on immigration, but because of his careless comments in regards to the fight against terrorism.

A vote for Tancredo --even a straw vote at Ames-- is a vote for religious war and increasing the risks to our troops and the pressures on our allies.