Friday, September 30

Bill Bennett Brings Out Hypocrisy From Democrats

Democrats are in a frenzy over Bill Bennett's comments on his radio show regarding blacks, crime rates, and abortion.

Democrats expressed outrage, ranging from demands for an apology to requests that the Federal Communications Commission suspend Bennett's show.

"Republicans, Democrats and all Americans of good will should denounce this statement, should distance themselves from Mr. Bennett," said Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., D-Ill. "And the private sector should not support Mr. Bennett's radio show or his comments on the air."

It seems to me a bit hypocritical, when the Liberals are the first ones to taught the social benefits of abortion, including reduction in crime rates. There is nothing new or strange about this argument, utilitarian as it might be! Abortion is outrageous, regardless. If blacks are offended or upset by Bennett's comments, perhaps they should consider the truth about crime statistics. It was a hyperbole logic--not a suggested plan of action. When you consider the crime statistics and how these relate to the black community, there is nothing strange or outrageous about it. Besides, Bennett is not the first one to suggest this--the liberals are!
In an interview with ABC News, Bennett said that anyone who knows him knows he isn't racist. He said he was merely extrapolating from the best-selling book "Freakonomics," which posits the hypothesis that falling crimes rates are related to increased abortion rates decades ago. "It would have worked for, you know, single-parent moms; it would have worked for male babies, black babies," Bennett said.
I understand sensitivity to the subject and to racial issues. But, perhaps blacks should consider what this says about themselves, and take steps forward to change the truth about their own ethnic group.

Fact: crime rates are high among blacks! Fact: only blacks will ever be able to do something to change these statistics. Fact: Crime is the lifestyle and moral choice of individuals; society is not to blame, though there is much society and parents can do to instill the proper moral values in each coming generations. What have the black leadership and black parents done to reduce crime rate?

I know that there are many outstanding black leaders around the nation that are doing great things to change their own community and I know of many, many parents that do an excellent job in raising their children right even in the face of hardship. More of this sort of take-action, accept-responsibility attitude is needed; among blacks and all ethnic groups!

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