Sunday, October 30

Denver Post Thinks Chavez's Socialism "Playing Well" in Venezuela

Today's Denver post published a New York times article by Juan Forero that amounts to one big propaganda piece! You would think that the media would have learned from their mistakes with Communist Russia.

Just the fact that the Denver Post would publish this article goes to show what they think of Chavez's work. It is a travesty, and irrisposible. The sub heading claims Chavez has "reined in" the free market, as if it was this evil, out-of-control bandit that was stealing from the country. Of course, the article also uses the word "reorganize" when talking about the banking and oil industries. Reorganizing? Has the world not seen what socialism and centralized control does to an economy? Do we not know, scientificly, that centralized control does NOT work?

He can call it "21 century socialism" all he wants, but it's just one dead stinky cat, dressed up in a new coat. Just look at this buddy-buddy relationship with Castro, and you can know what sort of socialism he is trying to carry out--the same kind that has failed and that has caused the death by hunger of millions of people. What a sad, sad joke--and the Denver Post was a willing player into propagating the lies of a dictator.

You can read the article online over at the NY Times.