Thursday, November 3

More Bad News for Bloggers

No protection for bloggers! This via Bloggers Blog. reports that the Online Freedom of Speech Act (also known as the FOS Act) was defeated in the U.S. House of Representatives. Most lawmakers voted to pass the bill but there were not enough to get the 2/3 majority needed. The final decision was 225-182 (Roll Call). said the bill failed because Democrats were concerned the bill would "open the door for more soft money in politics with the Internet serving as the primary conduit." A Slashdot entry also blames Democrats.
We know how much the Democrats are REALLY concerned about soft money! Right! Somebody tell me what is Soros doing? Shame to these lawmakers who voted no.

There is more from
One of the reasons I think you've seen some oppose H.R. 1606 is because they supported the 2002 campaign finance reform legislation and they're trying to defend that vote still. In many ways H.R. 1606 is a recognition that the 2002 reform has been a disaster. And I have no doubt at least a few voted no on H.R. 1606 in order to bolster their assertion that the 2002 reform was a positive. You had a lot of people on soapboxes denouncing those opposed to the 2002 reform as despicable and corrupt, and it has turned out that the 2002 reform has only complicated the system and infringed on free speech. In my opinion we ought to scrap the 2002 bill altogether before it gets its hooks into the internet.
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