Wednesday, December 28

Holiday Greetings and Round Up

Hi Everyone,

I have been enjoying a week of relaxation and rest at my in-laws. I wanted to drop in and wish all my readers a belated Merry Christmas--yes, it's ok to say it--and pray you have a blessed New Year.

On personal news, I will be relocating to Arlington, VA in mid-January, and starting work with a new company. Part of my new work will involve blogging, which means that I will not be posting here much. But, I will have more about that when the time comes.

I thought I would share a round up of interesting articles you may want to check out. The first one comes via the Drudge Report, who posted an article about a top GOP strategist who is working with Mexican President Fox "to put the brakes on growing anti-immigration, anti-Mexican sentiment in the United States." Of course, it mentions nothing about the rule of law, the cost of sustaining a large portion of our society that is living outside the boundaries of our legal system, and the real victims--illegal immigrants. What I would like to hear from President Fox is what is Mexico doing to create more job opportunities for Mexican workers? I am not suggesting government hand outs or programs, but economic reforms, hard-line stance against corruption, and removing of barriers for entrepreneurship.

My second link is to a story via BabaluBlog, that writes about the new head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana. I love this guy!! If I am understanding his words correctly, he is calling Castro an archeological artifact.

Q: Are you seeing an increase in attacks against dissidents? Why now?
A: I can't explain pathological behavior. One seeks an explanation . . . . Are we seeing this because people are aware of their own mortality? I don't know, and I don't choose those words lightly.

I suppose it's to get people to think they are the only ones that have those thoughts that oppose the regime. It's to get people to think, "You must be weird. You're all alone. No one thinks like that.''

Q: Fidel Castro mentions the prisoners at Guantánamo every chance he gets. Doesn't the detention of prisoners there hurt U.S. credibility?
A: I don't accept the lies as version of reality -- as opposed to legal procedures, the International Committee of the Red Cross' ability to monitor on a regular basis, ability of foreign governments to visit there. If anything, it's a statement for rule of law.

Q: I notice you never speak Fidel Castro's name.
A: I never met the man. When I see the senior leadership performing on TV, I scratch my head, because it's surreal. The logic is very hard to follow. The logic is from another place. The logic is very harsh and cruel. My interest is the future, and the Cuban people.

I am not an archaeologist.

You can read the full Miami Herald Michael Parmly interview by Frances Robles.

Well, keep reading, keep commenting, and remember the reason for the season--The Christ born a Saviour.