Wednesday, December 28

Right Wing News: Illegal Aliens And Guest Workers Cost Americans Jobs And Depress Wages

Head on over to Right Wing News and check out John Hawkins' post on illegal immigration.

I agree that illegals already in the country need to be incentivised to return to their countries of origin. Believe me, I have plenty of acquaintances that will be mad at me for writing this, but it is necessary to return to a rule of law in the area of immigration. Those who break the law in entering our country should not and cannot be rewarded with an amnesty.

But, with that said, there needs to be true reform in the immigration process so that those that apply and are going through the legal channels, do not have to wait years to get approved, or worst, have to wait years to be reunited with their family members.

I liked what Hawkins said about the so-called "jobs Americans won't do."
...there is no such thing. There are only jobs that Americans won't do at a certain wage. If you could make 10 thousand dollars a week digging ditches, there would be a 5 mile long line every time a job opening came available. Conversely, if doctors could only make minimum wage, no one would be willing to go medical school.
But, I would assert the fact that there is a cultural trend where American's don't want to do the low-paying work. There is nothing wrong with that, if these same workers can find better paying jobs elsewhere--just don't blame immigrants.

I am in favor of free market forces in the labor markets, including imports and free labor trade. But, it has to be done right. I don't know we are doing "immigration" right with our present laws and lack of enforcement.