Friday, March 3

Smuggled illegal immigrants arrested as smuggling accomplices

This is the sort of story that should be translated to Spanish, and spread out through Latin America. This is right--if you enter our nation while breaking our immigration laws, you will be prosecuted as an accomplice with those that help you get in. Obey our laws.

I know, I know--immigrants are just regular hard working people who are desperate. That's all good and fine. It is not an excuse for living above the law. It is not an excuse to allow our immigration laws to go unbroken.

KVOA is reporting on the story of the arrest of fifty-four immigrants that were discovered in a pair of furniture trucks. They are being charged with "conspiring with their smugglers to sneak into the country illegally."
The arrests mark the first time local authorities have applied a new state law on migrant smuggling to smuggled immigrants.

The people were discovered Thursday about 50 miles west of Phoenix. Authorities said they obtained confessions from several in the group who said they paid smugglers, commonly called "coyotes", up to $2,000 each to bring them across the border. All 54 were booked into a county jail.

Frustrated by the federal government's perceived inaction in repairing America's immigration system, state lawmakers approved the smuggling law a year ago that created the state crime of human smuggling.
While many illegal immigrants make it into the country fine, and are benefiting from America's bounty, many don't, and are suffering for it. Allowing our immigration system to remain broken is only hurting families; fathers separated from their wives and children. Here is a perfect example of the toll this is taking in terms of human life and human suffering. (HT: Drudge)
Authorities raided a squalid house Friday, capturing 70 illegal immigrants and four suspected smugglers believed to have been holding migrants hostage while awaiting payment.

Federal agents and a sheriff's SWAT team entered the home before dawn, setting off flash-bang grenades to stun any smugglers inside.

Packed into the grimy one-story bungalow were 70 people from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Mexico. Some slept 20 to a room, authorities said.
It is good to see that States are taking initiative, and cracking down on immigration law breakers. I hope Congress can come to an agreement, and present a solid, and tough immigration law that will help stop the flow of illegal immigration.

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