Saturday, April 7

Is Corporate America Pushing the Cost of Illegal Immigration on Taxpayers?

Robert Bluey reports on new research by Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector.
Low-skilled workers in America cost taxpayers about $22,000 annually, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector, who has produced a new study that should open everyone’s eyes on both sides of the aisle as Congress gears up to tackle immigration reform. Rector’s study concludes that in 2004 low-skilled workers paid $9,689 in taxes but received $32,138 in benefits. He estimates about a quarter of low-skilled workers are immigrants — both legal and illegal.
The part that caught my attention in the following video is where they talk about employer's who are "sacrificing" human lives for the sake of profit, and passing on the costs to the taxpayers. Free market economics works well within the boundaries of ethics and moral restraint. When corporations are willing to go outside the bounds of the law to make a profit, it gone beyond free market economics.

Only second in importance to the border fence, the government needs to do something about employer's who are hiring illegal immigrants. Hiring illegal immigrants is not good for the country, it's not good for the taxpayer, and more importantly, it's not good for the illegal immigrants who are victimized by our broken immigration system.

Here is the YouTube video of Rector on CNN.

There are some other articles referencing the new study at The Washington Times, and from Deborah Simmons, an op-ed also at the Washington Times, and an article in WorldNet Daily.