Tuesday, June 26

Immigration Bill and Border Security

I have consistently said for a long time that the border needs to be secured before any other "comprehensive" aspect of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration is addressed.

Now, I don't mind border security being dealt with in combination with other aspects of the immigration bill. I don't know enough about the current bill being debated to endorse or stand against it, so I won't. But having that said, if this is true, then I would have to stand against it.
But the business of securing our borders isn't just an issue of law and order for House Republicans - it's a matter of national security. Unfortunately, in looking for partners to work with across the aisle, Republicans have found a majority party convinced that less is more when it comes to border security - consistently voting to defer or delay the construction of hundreds of miles of security barriers along our southern border.
I'm ok if the barrier includes the use of drones, cameras, and other technology -- the point is the bleeding has to be stopped. Before we worry about the millions of illegal immigrants we have IN our country, we need to worry about the next few millions still wanting to get in. Illegal immigration is bad for the Hispanic community, it is bad for American's of Hispanic heritage, and it is bad for all Americans--for social and cultural reasons. Legal immigration, on the other hand, done in a secure and orderly fashion, can be great for the immigrant (new opportunities) and can be great for America (new opportunities).

Its pretty simple. Secure the border first, continue in the right direction of better enforcement of our current laws, and then we can talk about "comprehensive" immigration reform.