Tuesday, June 26

Reagan to Bush: Get tough on Mexico

Reagan has it right on this -- get tough on Mexico and put a stop to the corruption! I have been saying this for years now. Why is this concept so foreign?
Saner minds, more concerned with the almost-total collapse of border security than with the longstanding issue of the 12, 15 or 20 million illegals now here, caution that we had best solve the problem of our all-but-open southern borders before even thinking about dealing with those illegals now here. Stopping more of them adding to their numbers is the first priority.

Instead of signing onto Teddy Kennedy’s bill and attacking the majority of Americans who demand that our borders be secured, George Bush should be attacking the problem where its roots lie – in Mexico.

Mr. Bush needs to hold Mexico responsible for all of these people sneaking across the border, and I’d be one of them if I were a citizen of a country run by corrupt government officials who are more dictatorial drug lords than public servants.

The only way to clean up the border problem is to use every power in our means to force the Mexicans to clean their own house, get rid of corrupt officials, shut down the narcotics traffic, and create an economy based on the country’s vast and largely untapped resources to provide jobs and opportunities for Mexico’s struggling people whose only way out now is a furtive trip across the border.
Not that I agree with everything Reagan said.
Illegal immigrants have broken our healthcare system, they have broken our education system, they have broken our jail system, they have broken our criminal justice system, and Washington just doesn’t get it.
Please -- our system was already broken...the increased illegal immigrant population simply highlights how badly its broken.

I was saddened to read his second-to-last sentence:
And, slowly but surely, the U.S. begins to look more and more like Mexico every day.
Mr. Reagan has obviously not been to Mexico in a long time. There is no comparing the corruption, the crime, the slower-moving economy, and the drug wars. Not to be derogatory about Mexico, but I would think Reagan could remember his father's attitude and positive attitude about the resilience of America. Mexico is a victim of socialism, corruption and more. There is a reason why they desperately seek to come to America. In all gratitude to God, and with humbleness, America is no where near what Mexico is in regards to economy, crime, or government.

To say so reveals more about Mr. Reagan's beliefs about Mexico, than about the state of our culture in America.

Ono a side note, the fact is if you set aside the corruption, the crime and other social problems that are plaguing Mexico, the Mexican people are a hard-working, passionate, and noble people. In my opinion, there is a lot to be admired.