Tuesday, October 25

Army helps curb illegal immigration

Here is a great report by the Associated Press on the Army Times web site. As the story says, this helps free up resources from the Border Patrol. It's about time the government started taking this problem seriously and started enforcing existing immigration laws. I am not saying I think all the immigration laws are right, but we are a nation of order and law.

The second step is to begin looking at our immigration process and fixing it taking into account the realities of our economy. Hat tip to RedState.org Red Hot.
COLUMBUS, N.M. — The U.S. Border Patrol is getting help from the Army to slow illegal immigration along New Mexico’s southern border.

Armored vehicles from a reconnaissance squadron based in Fort Lewis, Wash., were stationed along a 20-mile stretch of N.M. 9 between Columbus and Playas on Thursday, watching for illegal immigrants.

Some of the vehicles with the 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment were equipped with mounted machine guns and long-range surveillance equipment.

Border Patrol spokesman Doug Mosier said the surveillance mission isn’t unusual and was planned last year.

“These military resources provide more eyes and ears as force multipliers to help us with our mission,” Mosier said.

The operation is the latest in a series of steps to tighten security between Deming and Lordsburg, the busiest route in New Mexico for illegal immigrants and smugglers. Other steps include the addition of more Border Patrol agents and the temporary assignment of state police officers to the Columbus area.