Sunday, October 23


Thoousands of Bolivians are marching demanding the opportunity to trade with the U.S. Basic economics teaches that this would make sense, and would benefit all involved. Publius Pundit has more on the story.
Now let’s face facts: Bolivians do not want communism. Most Bolivians do not want Evo Morales as their next president. Bolivians especially do not want Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez running their country as their newest satellite. Bolivia’s a nation in distress and they want to work their way out of it through free trade. Go see the local sentiment of Bolivians on Jim Schultz’s site - the tongue-lashing these local Bolivians give to the well-meaning left-leaning Berkeley gringo about his misreading of what’s going on in their country is unbelievable. Except when you realize that Bolivians also are marching in their thousands in the streets for free trade. The U.S.’s number one priority right now must be to extend a hand of equality, of better-living-through-free-trade to these gutsy Bolivians. There can’t be any more goofing off.
So much for Mr. Chavez's popularity rising in South America. It is good to see the people of Bolivia asking for what they truly know they need--the simple opportunity to compete in an open market, and produce a living for themselves.

In the comments section, A.M. Mora y Leon added, "These factory workers - it’s both factories and unions sponsoring it, according to the news reports - remind me of the Solidarity workers of Poland."