Thursday, October 27

Wilma breaches Havana's defenses

Update: More from Peter Krupa on the AP reporting from Cuba.
I wouldn't be too surprised if this story was written by a government lapdog. It's pretty obvious that a native Spanish speaker wrote it (you can call a flood an "inundation" in English, but it's not exactly common). Plus it has all the typical "isn't Castro great?" touches you find in the Cuba News Agency and

The BBC News is reporting that "hundreds of people have been rescued from homes in Cuba's capital, Havana, after sea defenses succumbed to flooding brought by Hurricane Wilma." The story reports that some residents are saying that the devastation is the worst since the "storm of the century" in 199.

Meanwhile, the murdrer dictator, always ever hungry for some public attention, offered Mexico aid. At the same time, there are reports that electricity was shut down in Havana as a "precaution." It seems like the hurricane gave the Castro regime an excuse to save some cash, and hide their incompetence.
...Fidel Castro appeared on television late on Sunday to appeal for calm.

Electricity was then cut off for the capital and some western parts of Cuba as a precaution.

Other areas of Cuba have also been affected by the storm. Cuban television said sea water had penetrated up to a kilometre (half a mile) inland in some southern communities while tornadoes have destroyed homes in the west.
I'm just waiting to hear how Castro is going to blame the Bush administration for this one.