Saturday, October 22

CO Denver Post in Favor of all Proposed Tax Increases

Cross posted on my Diary:

I suppose this is to be expected, but I was still amazed at what I discovered in today's Denver Post endorsements list.

On state ballot measures, Denver Post is endorsing both referendum C & D. Now, C is being debated, but to let the state borrow money on income that is not guaranteed is simply insane. But, wait! There is more!

In Aurora, Issue 1A--a property tax increase--Denver Post says YES. In Denver, Issue 1-A--a hotel tax increase--Denver post says YES. In Lakewood, Question 2A--a sales tax increase--Denver Post says YES.

The Denver Post also lists City Council, and School board members it is endorsing. I don't have the time tonight to look up each name, but I wonder how many of those names are registered Democrats. I would bet most of them.

I realize many of you may be asking, "What's the big deal...Its to be expected." But, to me, its important that this ALWAYS be a big deal. Bloggers need to continue saying it, calling them out on it, and making the public continually aware of the bias in the media. It matters, because many rely on the media for information and insight--of which they provide with a political agenda in mind. Ultimately, a biased mainstream media weakens our nation and our liberties.

Thank God for the blogsphere and independent media. They have taken the baton and risen to the call. Perhaps, the truth be told, mainstream media is well on the way to being irrelevant.