Saturday, October 22

For Now, I Still Support the Miers Nomination

TruthLaidBear has made a call to all bloggers to go on record with their stance on the Miers nomination.
I will implement some code this weekend to search for the phrases above, and generate a running list of bloggers for, against, and neutral on the nomination. This will be much more interesting than a standard online poll, as it will ensure "one-blog-one-vote", and avoid the usual ballot-stuffing silliness of online surveys.
I, of course, have made various posts here in favor of Miers nomination. I thought this would be a good time to give an update on what I have been seeing in the media and in the blogsphere on the Miers nomination and the ensuing battle.

I have to be honest, at this time with the events of the past weeks, I am beginning to question whether I made the right endorsement. But, a strong reason for my endorsement still stand--Bush has a record of making the right choice on nominations and I trust that. Miers may not be quick on her feet, and but I still believe she is professionally qualified--granted, within my limited knowledge of legal practice. Most of all, I make my endorsement based on the words of others with further knowledge and insight than mine.

So, in short, at this time and for now, I'm repeat my endorsement for the record: I support the Miers nomination. You can find my previous endorsement posts here and an index of all my posts related to Miers here.