Monday, October 17

Squandered Resources: $8,000 per student in primary and secondary public schools

Here is a thought for supporters of C & D who insist we need more money for education. This comes via a Beyond The News email from Salem Radio Network. So, for pro-ref C & D people, don't talk to me about the need for more money to improve education!

I have been an educator in impoverished areas, and it does NOT take $8,000 to educate a child! Character, leadership, and respect for civic duty are values that are passed on, not bought with money. Intelligence, and a capacity and desire to learn are also values that are passed on by good parents, mentors and teachers--it is NOT something you can buy with hard cash.
--Michael Medved

American education faces serious problems, but a lack of spending isn't one of them. The Census Bureau shows we now spend more than $8,000 per student in primary and secondary public schools.

This means that even for a comfortably small class of 25 students, we invest the amazing sum of $200,000 a year. Allotting the teacher a handsome salary--say, $100,000 for the 10 months of the school year--that still leaves $100,000 for books, laptops, field trips, a janitor, overhead and so forth. With this kind of generous expenditure, we should hear no complaints about cash-starved schools, but far too much of that $200,000 never makes it to the class room--it's squandered on bureaucracy and political correctness.

Schools will only operate on a sane, business-like basis when educational choice forces them to compete with lower cost, more flexible educational alternatives.

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