Saturday, December 10

Good News for Life in Colombia: US Pro-Abortion Groups Rejected

U.S. pro-abortion groups are not satisfied with the millions of babies murdered domesticly, and continue their campaigns promoting the culture of death around the world. CitizenLink had good news from Colombia in yesterday's email.
The highest court in Colombia rejected an effort by US-based pro-abortion organizations to push their agenda in Colombia, according to Human Life International.

The US-based Women's Link Worldwide, International Planned Parenthood Federation and Catholics for a Free Choice had joined forces in an attempt to overthrow Colombia's constitutional protection of pre-born children.

The Rev. Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, said the groups sought to have the Constitutional Court of Colombia remove any mention of abortion from the nation's penal code.

The ruling means abortion continues to be against the law in the South American nation.

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With our domestic courts wrongly relying on International law for domestic rulings, besides the threat to unborn babies around the world, these "export" strategies do presents a danger to the U.S. US based pro-life groups need to increase their partnership with local organizations and churches in Latin America and the rest of the world to fight this threat.

Update: More over at Pro-Life Blogs

"This was truly a case of David vs. Goliath," said Garcia-Jones. "These organizations had been actively involved in this case for months and many had filed briefs with the Constitutional Court of Colombia. Thankfully, their efforts were fruitless."

Thanks to the countless efforts of pro-lifers, the Constitutional Court of Colombia declared this past Thursday that the attempt to legalize abortion in Colombia had failed.

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