Wednesday, December 7

Wizbang: Passenger shot by air marshal in Miami

Wizbang has breaking news of a shooting of a passanger who claimed to have a bomb.
An air marshal aboard American Airlines Flight 924 from Medellin, Colombia to Miami has shot a passenger who claimed to have a bomb and tried to flee from the plane on to the jet way.
The reports seems to indicate he is alive, wounded, but not dead. Reader's comments on Wizbang are allready betting on the chances that this individual is muslim. We'll see.
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- A person was shot and wounded on the Jetway to an American Airlines passenger jet that was at the terminal at Miami International Airport, an airline official said.

A federal official told CNN that the passenger was shot by a federal air marshal, who felt the passenger was acting in a threatening manner. A senior administration official added that the passenger claimed to have a bomb in his carry-on luggage.

An air marshal told the passenger to stop, and he did not, the official said, adding that the marshal fired after the passenger reached into his carry-on bag.

The weapon was fired on the Jetway to Flight 924, which was on a stopover in Miami during a flight from Medellin, Colombia, to Orlando, Florida, police said.