Wednesday, January 25

CNN: Latin America's shift toward socialism

CNN has a good roundup of Latin America's move to the political left.
Morales is the latest example of Latin America's shift toward socialism -- but this is not the old Communist-bloc row of uniform states. The economics and the people differ from place to place.
It's really to bad that Latin America has quickly forgotten the lessons of the last 20 years--socialism does not work. I think this speaks to the failure of the Latin American faith community, who continues to step aside, and abdicate their role in social and civic participation. Or, perhaps Latin America's faith community has also fallen for the promises of socialism.

While we can celebrate the fact that these leaders are elected, history has also shown us that socialist use deception to reach their goals, and that the promises of socialism are unsustainable! Chavez, despite all his oil money, is already destroying the Venezuelan economy. We all read the stories of coffee shortages.

CNN points out that the two elections to watch are in Mexico and Brazil.
...the two to watch in '06, the two big ones, are Brazil and Mexico. Between them, they have more than 60 percent of Latin America's population, more than 60 percent of its economic activity. And in each, there's going to be a contest -- President Lula seeking re-election in Brazil, and a three-way race in Mexico -- candidates from the left, the center, and the right.