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Mexican Government Agency Provides Maps to Illegal Immigrants

Outrageous! I think Congress and the administration need to start putting pressure on the Mexican government. They have a lot more to lose if the U.S. relations go cold. This sort of action only encourages breaking our laws, even beyond immigration laws.

Fox news was reporting on this story just a few minutes ago, and the Houston Cronicle has more.
Mexico's National Human Rights Commission announced Tuesday that it will distribute thousands of maps of the southern Arizona desert to migrants determined to travel illegally into the United States.

Created by Humane Borders, a Tucson-based migrant rights group, the maps pinpoint places where activists leave water for the trekkers, as well as details of highways, popular trails and other landmarks.

The aim, a rights commission official said, is to prevent needless deaths.

"It's not to encourage them but simply to warn them of the dangers," said Mauricio Farah, a senior official with the rights commission, which is federally funded but independent of the Mexican government. "This map is going to save many lives. In no way are we trying to promote immigration."
I can appreciate efforts to save lives, but this should be done by preventing and discouraging illegal immigration, not encouraging and facilitating criminal activity. I mean, I hear bank robbers have a high percentage of death by bullets. Perhaps some so-called "human rights" organization should start providing bullet proof vests to these, just to save lives! Like I said, outrageous!

Hannity & Colmes did a story last May on Humane Borders, mentioned in the Cronicle story.

Humane Borders, a volunteer group founded in 2000 by Protestant minister Robin Hoover, maintains 73 water stations at strategic points in the desert from May through October. The stations are marked by blue flags on high poles, visible above the desert mesquite and other brush.

The group last year distributed maps at border crossing points showing those water stations as well as lines showing the days needed to cross the desert toward Tucson.


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