Wednesday, January 18

I'm Now a Beltway Blogger!! (...for what it's worth.)

So, as of 10 a.m. yesterday, I am officially living inside the beltway! After a fast interview and hiring process, I will be joining the Salem Communications team.

I don't have much detail to offer now, but I am sure there will be more forthcoming in the near future. I would encourage all of my readers to head on over to and subscribe for the daily "Daily Commentary" email. You can read it via email, or on the web site, as well as hear it on the daily podcast. The Weekend Journal offers great audio as well, perfect for the iPod.
Beyond the News Weekend Journal is a weekend radio news program syndicated by the Salem Radio Network. Weekend Journal provides radio listeners a distinctive perspective on the week's events from personalities listeners can depend on. The program is heard each week on over 90 radio stations. It is also available for streaming at
You can read more about the contributors here. Keep watching for more updates. Expect no posts during the day, except on weekends. I'll have more about my move, and any interesting happenings this coming weekend. Keep me and my wife in your prayers as we adjust to large city living, traffic, and higher costs of living. We are planning to visit Evergreen Community Church in Manases this coming Sunday.