Monday, May 15

Immigration--The News of the Day

Of course, everyone is talking about Bush's pending speach tonight. From the Washington Post:

President Bush joins the immigration debate when he lays out his vision for the nation's immigration laws tonight at 8 on national television. The Senate, after weeks of haggling, finally gets back to work on a bill that could grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.

The Senate got back on track last week after Republican and Democratic leaders worked out a few parliamentary disputes, but big hurdles remain. Senators will be able to add a "considerable" number of amendments to the bill when the debate starts today. And there is a desert-size gulf between the approach of the Senate and that of the House, which has passed an enforcement-only bill that could lead to illegal immigrants being charged with felonies and deported.

"Parliamentary disputes?" Right! Democrat's obstructionism is what they mean. Of course, the WAPO continues to ignore the fact that the Democrats are the ones that voted to retain the "felony" portion of the House bill. But, facts are to much of a trouble to bother in a news article.

I just saw a spokesperson talking about the send-a-brick project on Fox right now. I'll update if someone puts up the video. Not spectacular or entertaining, but certainly nice to see this gaining traction and getting mainstream attention. Born in the blogosphere, and maturing quite well!!

And while the Washington Post is eager to call the GOP divided, there is no such headline when talking about the divided illegal immigration organizers.
From immigration policy to energy to emergency spending, House Republican leaders are publicly breaking rank with their counterparts in the Senate, fearing that Senate efforts at compromise are jeopardizing the party's standing with conservative voters.
A reminder--these people don't speak for me, or for millions of others. What I don't understand is what are we still talking about legalization? I don't want to talk about anything else until I see a fence being built. The question Fox keeps asking; "What do you hope the President will say tonight?" Two basic messages I hopes comes through loud and clear:
  1. We must secure our border, and in order to do that, I will support efforts to build a fence or wall--a physical barrier that will provide a deterrent to drug and human smugglers, and other potential threats.

  2. I will provide national guard troops to support the work of our border patrols for as long as it takes.
One thing is clear. The media is getting desperate and more and more careless in its relentless pursuit to knock down the Bush administration. The truth of the matter is that within the GOP there is diversity of opinions, and that is clearly reflected in the blogosphere. But voters need to be reminded again and again--the alternative is just not an option.

No matter how much you disagree with the White House, and no matter how much we wish Bush would communicate better or more clearly, and no matter how much we wish Bush would stand up to the PC forces, the alternative--a Democrat controled House, Senate or worst, White House--is just no acceptable. So, tell you friends and tell your family members--you can't believe everything you hear and see on the TV. Get out to vote, and vote according to the conservative values that most Americans believe in. Look at the candidates carefully, and make an informed decision.

Because trust me when I say, the Democrats are not going to secure our border. Whatever you may think about how Bush is doing in this area, the left is certainly not going to improve on the situation.