Tuesday, May 16

Immigration Reform: Good News on the Fence

*** UPDATE (5/16) ***

Via Hugh Hewitt:
I have confirmed with a senior White House source this morning that the president is for robust fencing in urban areas --as exists in El Paso and San Diego-- and for vehicle barriers in rural areas.
As usual, it seems that a major part of the problem is getting the message out.


Hugh's sources are saying "that Senator Sessions will move an amendment that provides for 325+ miles of fencing and an additional 500 miles of vehicle barriers. "

That's good news.
This is not as extensive a plan as that authorized by the House bill, but it gets the Senate bill on to the same page, and if the conference report comes back with immediate construction and full funding, it would represent a significant breakthrough.
I agree. Make sure to follow the coverage on the blogosphere, Hugh's radio show, and my own interview on BBC Radio Five Live.

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