Monday, May 15

The Immigration Speech--Becoming part of the problem

The Anchoress laid it on hard! I can totaly relate to her fatige with politics and the rhetoric and I agree with her. I was honestly surprised at how many conservatives discounted Bush and the speech even before he spoke. It's just not intelectually sound.
I cannot help but notice that a number of conservative bloggers - some of whom I have long-respected - have already decided that President Bush’s speech tonight will be insufficient to the task of undoing 30 years of neglect. They’ve heard a whisper here, an idea there, and decided that if he’s not going to do precisely what they want him to do - and only that - then he needn’t even be listened to. They’ve already pre-empted him.

Attention, my conservative friends - please pull back from the edge. Please take a moment to consider what has become of you: When you have reached the point that you will not even allow a man to make his speech and put his ideas out there - if you have already decided that nothing he says can be of value (or if you fear that too many might actually listen to the man and be persuaded) then you have become part of the problem.

If you cannot stop down-shouting long enough to take a breath and let a man speak, then you’ve moved beyond thoughtful analysis and constructive criticism. You have become the very sort of person you’ve said you despised - you’ve embraced the tactics of those you hate. What was it St. Paul said? “All that I hate I find I am become…”

If all you can do is scream loudly, work to drown out the president’s thoughts before he even expresses them and jumpstart the Caravan of Rage & Ultimate Defeat that you’ve been riding for a while, now…well, there is going to be a tragedy. The man has earned the right to be heard before you start stomping on him and tearing about in wild, reactionary frustration.

Maybe I need to take a break on the issue of immigration and it's politics, and start talking about other things that matter to me; like poverty, corruption, the family, marriage, and the Latino culture. Now there is a thought...