Tuesday, October 4

Gubernatorial Race in Colorado: Zogby Tracking Poll

Interesting data via the Wall Street Journal. Here is what they had to say:
"With term-limited Gov. Bill Owens set to step down, this race promises to be a shootout...Should the Democrats nominate liberal Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, Rep. Beauprez is the GOP's best hope for defeating her. The more conservative Bill Ritter, Denver's district attorney (sic), would be a more formidable opponent and is in a close race with all three Republicans. If Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper -- who has said he has no intentions of running for governor -- enters the race, he is poised to defeat any GOP challenger handily."
Here's the other races presented by the WSJ:

Bob Beauprez vs. Bill Ritter
Beauprez: 43.6%
Ritter: 39%

John Hickenlooper vs. Marc Holtzman
Hickenlooper: 48.2%
Holtzman: 36.1%

Bob Beauprez vs. Joan Fitz-Gerald
Beauprez: 45.4%
Fitz-Gerald: 38.6%

I really have not been following the race enough to comment on the candidates or the polls. I would love to read comments by CO residents that may know more.

The Wall Street Journal has more data on other State races. It's worth a read.

Hat tip Coyote Gulch and Colorado Pols for the link.